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Huawei Mate 20 after a month of use: being the middle one feels luxurious

In 2018 we saw Huawei changing the strategy with the Mate range. He opted for a “Pro” model that has made this Mate 20 go more unnoticed than in previous years, even though it is an interesting option.

After the analysis of the Huawei Mate 20 we have spent a month with this Mate 20:

A great body for a large screen

Huawei decided to jump from 16: 9 to 18.7: 9 in the screen format of its Mate range, something that allowed it to optimize the ratio of the panel with respect to the size of the phone, and it shows. The screen is what stands out every time you use the mobile, so well optimized are the edges. Of course, if you have small hands, its use will not be easy, and, of course, if it is your case, forget about being able to use it with only one hand.

The materials of glass tinted by high temperature (same solution as in the Mate 10 ) to be able to make it more rounded at the back, make the touch is not so similar to the default glass that we saw throughout the 2018 in the high range, being even less slippery than previously seen.

Even so, I’m not convinced about ergonomics. Besides the fact that it costs to use it if you do not have a relatively large hand or you are used to the use of mobiles of this size, it is also a heavy device (188 grams). Its dimensions are noticed at times when you consume multimedia or, in general, after a continuous use, causing you to tire your hand easily. This causes that, in the long run, the experience of use becomes dirty and we cannot enjoy the good panel of this Mate 20.

And is that the screen is one of the strengths of this terminal, we speak of a LCD panel RGBW of 6.53 inches FullHD + with ratio 18.7: 9 that, together with its compatibility with HDR technology, make the multimedia experience is excellent. As it is not OLED, it has a not so deep interpretation of colors, but it is very realistic, which, in turn, impresses any user who starts using the mobile.

It performs very well outdoors, with a level of brightness more than correct that will allow us to use it without problem in any situation, even with the sun in front.

Of course, we still have a “notch” , which, however minimal, is still there, and if you’re not used to it, it may shock you the first few days, a sensation that disappears after a short time of use. Its sole purpose is to make a hole for the front camera, which will perform the functions of facial unlocking and that I, personally, ended up removing, since it does not work as well as in other terminals. With good light it is fast and effective, but at the minimum that the luminosity of the scene decreases it has many problems to recognize the face.

The applications adapt well to the notch, either extending the application itself to the edge of the screen, or trimming below the notch and filling in the notification bar of the same color as the application.

Battery and power as a flag

The Mate family has always been characterized by having a great battery and this Mate 20 does not fall short. We remember that it has 4000mAh next to the Huawei fast charge, capable of charging the full battery in, more or less, hour and a half. This means that you end up being unconcerned about the battery.

In general I use a lot of mobile daily, with Bluetooth activated, Netflix, YouTube, games, camera, readings … and I have not had any problem in reaching the end of the day with 20% of the available battery. As for numbers, the Mate 20 has haunted me 6h screen and, as I say, with much use of multimedia.

Regarding power, the other sign of identity of the Mate family, it is also inherited by Mate 20. I have played a lot of games and I have never been hanged or had any latency problems. Even in multitasking with more than one active game he has always behaved brilliantly.

It may be that some 4GB of RAM that includes it seem few, but no, it is still a more than solvent figure in all the phones that I have tested, including this Mate 20. The Kirin 980 is a great processor, and with the Mate 20 you quickly realize it .

A multimedia experience that gives “the size”

As I said, the screen stands out and is something that contributes a lot to the multimedia section. Of course, the simple fact of having a big screen helps a lot.

It is a joy to consume multimedia in Mate 20

In addition to the quality and good performance of the panel, the audio is not far behind. The sound is enveloping, strong, of good quality and the screen shines very well, as much for its representation of the colors as for the compatibility with the HDR. It is a mobile with which you can enjoy the consumption of series or movies, which also, due to its size, has been able to replace my tablet.

A detail that I like very much in this Mate 20 is the inclusion of the 3.5mm Jack , something that, from my point of view, brings a lot of value in this section, since it allows me to use any headset that I can find at home, without worrying about the connector you have.

The only thing that weighs on a certain point this multimedia experience is the weight, which I repeat, in long sessions of use it becomes too much.

EMUI continues to have aspects to improve

EMUI still does not convince me. I have closely followed the evolution of Huawei as a regular user, and its evolution has been spectacular, but I still think the same as the first day: EMUI needs to be polished even more , and not only because of the lack of the classic pure Android applications drawer , also still has a lot of bloatware that I do not see necessary, mirror application, flashlight application (already having flashlight in the accesses of the notification bar), etc … Applications that cannot be uninstalled and probably, you never get to use.

Undoubtedly the aspect that I was most disappointed with this Mate 20, has been in the mismanagement of notifications with EMUI. I have always enabled all the notifications, I have looked closely that the battery saving mode is not automatic, but I still have many notifications that do not arrive.

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But not everything was going to be bad. EMUI is a fast software that also has very positive points , such as well-managed gesture navigation, full customization availability and, above all, it is updated to Android P, being one of the first to update to this version, which is thank

And good?

The experience of this month with the Mate 20 has made me quite ill-conditioned: now I see completely necessary a camera configuration that gives me the option of wide-angle, telephoto and standard camera. I see a great battery (not so much a heavy mobile), and I think it’s time to forget the “notch”, and make the leap to the “all screen” design, something that this mobile is very close to.