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You can’t miss the opportunity to make a sale, that’s why you have to know how to write good copy for abandoned carts. The idea is that you remind the user that they have a pending purchase, but you must do it in a subtle and very creative way.

There are many reasons why a consumer does not take the action of buying. One of them is that you forgot you left an item in the cart. They may also have found a better deal and decided not to buy it from your store. Or you may be evaluating other sites to see which one offers the best price for the product or service.

You can send them a friendly reminder showing that you are interested as a customer, and for this you need to have a copy for abandoned carts. It should be eye-catching, so you can choose to be funny or, if you prefer, go straight to the point, always in a respectful and close way.

What should you take care of in a copy for abandoned carts?

It seems easy to write a text that encourages users to recover a pending purchase, however, it has its details to take into account. You need to be careful of the fine line between encouraging people to complete their purchases and being a hassle.

Develop your abandoned cart copy as a short reminder so that you can catch consumers. This is the first message, which you will send a few hours after the pending purchase. It is appropriate that you include discounts or special offers to capture the attention of users.

Keep in mind that it is not a unique copy, because the reasons for abandonment can be many. To people who chose to leave the purchase in the cart to seek more options, it is key that you offer an attractive offer that exceeds that of the competition.

Some just carelessly leave it and it will seem strange to receive a message regarding the abandonment of a cart. Therefore, it is essential that from the first line you are told what it is about, so you will not hesitate to read it.

Tips to create a copy for abandoned carts

Knowing certain techniques can be of great help to start writing your copy for abandoned carts. These are strategies that many companies and brands apply to approach those users who for some reason did not close their purchase.

1.- Impact from the title

Normally, copies created for abandoned cart recovery are sent through direct channels such as Email and SMS marketing. Therefore, it is necessary that these messages impact from the title or subject line in the case of email.

The best way to get the user to open a message and read it to the end is by using an attractive opening line that immediately grabs their attention. If the subject or title does not have this feature, it will drastically reduce your open rate.

Creating that feeling of abandonment, or the desire for someone to be reunited with the items in your cart, can achieve great results. You can mention the product that someone added to their cart to get customers’ attention. Add a nice, subtle call to action for the user to take the final step.

An example of this initial line can be: “Your laptop is waiting for you, don’t leave it alone in the cart. Complete your purchase!”. You just have to awaken your creativity and make a striking and close title. Avoid being authoritarian, because it can be upsetting.

2.- Customize the message

It is key that your text reflects a unique address, that is, it is not a mass message for all your contacts, but for a specific one. You cannot send an email alerted about an abandoned cart to someone who did not leave pending purchases.

However, it is essential that you personalize the message. It is not just about putting the customer’s name. It is also a good idea to highlight the product or products you left behind. In this way, the buyer will be clear from the beginning that the mail is addressed only to him.

You can also choose to offer different payment flows, as it may have been one of the reasons why the purchase was not completed. The idea is that your copy for abandoned carts is able to convert potential customers into real customers. You have to include details that convince the consumer.

3.- Create a sense of urgency

There are key elements that you can use when writing your copies, and one of them is the sense of urgency. In fact, generating a perception of scarcity is a widely used tactic in the marketing world. It is ideal for both email and SMS marketing strategies. You can also use it on social networks.

This technique is simpler than you can imagine. You can motivate the customer to make the purchase before the product runs out. You can also place a discount with a limited time. This is one of the most effective tactics to generate real urgency.

What you want to achieve is that the consumer feels that if he does not make the purchase within a certain period, he will lose the opportunity to obtain the product.

4.- Use a friendly tone

When creating your copy for abandoned carts, you must be very careful with the tone you will use to address the person. Sometimes some messages of this type may seem like an order or demand, which will be annoying and unpleasant for the user.

Manage a close and friendly tone that makes the consumer feel as if you are giving them a good recommendation. Show her in a friendly way that if she doesn’t take action, she may miss out on buying what she wants.

It is about approaching the recipient from the kindness and, in some way, making him feel that he is special. It is true that your purpose is to make the purchase, but in turn you can generate the perception that it is important for your business.

5.- Keep the essence of your brand

You have to make sure that the message you write is consistent with your brand identity. If your company is formal, the copy must be in the same line. Now, if it is a company that handles a funnier tone, you should reflect it. This will allow the user to relate you to it immediately.

You should not complicate yourself; it is a matter of adopting the same approach of your brand when creating the content for your copies of abandoned carts. Use the same tone that you use in all your other marketing communications. You will see that it is a key strategy to capture people’s attention.

6.- Be precise and brief

A message intended for the recovery of an abandoned cart has a unique purpose. It’s simple: you just have to remind the user that they have a pending product and motivate them to complete the purchase. That is your main objective and you cannot lose the north because you will confuse the recipient.

The key is that your copy is clear and precise but, above all, brief. Avoid extending yourself because you must keep the consumer’s attention on a single purpose. You don’t need to create a long text, write content that can be read in a minute or less.

So that you have a clearer idea you can follow the structure that you will see below:

  • Remind your potential customer about their abandoned cart.
  • You can choose to offer a discount to incentivize the buyer.
  • It details the product (s) that you have pending in your cart.
  • It includes images of products
  • Add a call to action that allows people to click on their cart.
  • Provide your contact information so that people with questions can contact you.