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Well-developed flat design for web pages can be very useful for your interests. You have to consider how to show the way to click on buttons, links, etc.

1.- Never use the same visual treatment for static text and linked text

In flat design for web pages, it is important not to use the same color for the main action buttons and the background of a header. Take advantage of the visual design of your website to help users understand where and where they can click. In this section, being consistent is essential.

2.- Bet on traditional designs and templates whenever you can

Simple and easy to understand is what provides a great user experience. And this is an important factor in flat design for web pages. With a standard option, the visitor should have no problem understanding the purpose of each item. Even without making use of flashy elements.

Combining standard design with a clear visual design in a large white space helps even more. In this way, each section of the website stands out even more and its understanding is enhanced.

3.- Do not have excessive respect for hyperlinks

There are situations in which the text itself “asks” for the accompaniment of a link. It can be to put context or to lead the user to specific content.

For example, if a link has descriptive text, a title, and a thumbnail image, all those elements together have to take the user to the same page.

4.- Enter some depth

You don’t have to stick to the term flat as much as possible. You can try introducing some 3D shadows or special effects to improve the relationship between the elements on the page.

Currently, in a quick search in Google you can find manuals with rules, user behaviors and specific visual elements that will help you in your task. Although if you follow these guidelines to improve appearance instead of usability, you will harm the navigability of your website.

5.- Contrast is important in flat design for web pages

It would be a shame to work the contents and texts with care and for them to go unnoticed by those who enter your website. To avoid that everything done does not fall on deaf ears, make sure that everything you want to show is clearly legible. And, of course, that it is perfectly visible.

There are things that work worse than they seem at first glance in flat design. In this group is, for example, the tendency to use the light gray on dark gray approach. Usually, it doesn’t work very well. Also, be very careful if you want to put background images below the text. As you can see, flat design for web pages still has interesting things to contribute. A good design can be the key to improving the visibility of your brand and, even, capturing leads that in the future may end up carrying out conversions. The first step to success is letting go of the preconception that design is the province of expert designers.