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First of all, we’re going to put ourselves in a situation. If you have not read this post about video marketing, you better start there:

Once that part has been overcome, it is time to take action. Think about what, for whom and how we are going to do with our video marketing strategy.

It’s not easy, but it’s very fun

What is your goal?

your goalWhen I sit down to define a video marketing strategy with a client, the first question I always ask is: “Why do we do this?” Because as much as you choose to create and edit your own videos, you should not miss of view that:

  • We’re going to spend a lot of time, which is money.
  • We are going to invest in equipment. Little, but something has to scratch the pocket.
  • We are going to put a lot of effort because after all this is our blog and we want the video to be up to the task.

We are before the objective of this post: that what you do you do well, and that implies that if you have to spend money that it is something that really serves you. And if you have to spend several hours in front of the video editor, do something productive.

What audience do you address?

The answer to this question defines everything that will come later. It is not the same to create videos to bring young users to my lead attraction, to do it for those who already have a running business, or who are looking for information on family vacations.

Then, the first thing of all will be to think precisely about that, about the person I want to attract or seduce with the video.

As always, we talked about putting face, name, and context to that person to whom we directed our video marketing campaign:

  • As it is called?
  • How old are you?
  • Are you married or single?
  • Does he have children?
  • How much time do you have to watch videos on social networks?
  • What time of day do you dedicate to it? Is it a relaxed moment or within your workday?
  • What’s your problem?
  • Based on that problem, what kind of videos do you search the internet?

Are you clear about the channels you are going to use?

Another thing would be that, for example, our goal was a younger user profile. For example, if our sector is fashionable for that profile, in which case we will have to define not only the tone but also the social network in which we are going to move.

Put another way, basically, our channel will be where the people we want to go are. We may be talking about a minority network, but this does not mean that it will not be useful.

Where do we want to be: at a party with thousands of people … or in one where we are few but there is more interest in my product?

Let’s talk now about some -not all- the ideal communication channels for video marketing. Do not think that they are the only ones (nothing farther) but, of course, they are the ones we cannot avoid.

  1. YouTube

youtubeUsing YouTube is always useful and interesting. It allows us to position our blog, improves the permanence in the posts where we include our videos (or other channels, which is not bad either) and, in addition, and allows us to receive a lot of feedback.

But let’s not stay alone in this channel. Many users are slowed down by the idea that what they are going to upload to their channel will have an official, corporate and definitive character. And, although it is not completely false, neither should it be so important. If we want to upload other types of “lighter” content, we can use other networks.

  1. Facebook & Facebook Live

facebookSince Facebook included, some time ago, the inclusion of native video, it became one of the favorite contents of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. Suddenly, the videos uploaded directly to Facebook gained a lot of visibility, while those that were shared on YouTube went almost unnoticed.

Then came the live broadcasts and passed three-quarters of the same. Suddenly we not only had the possibility of uploading a video but also, we could do it directly from our cameras, receiving feedback in real time.

  1. Snapchat

SnapchatIt is the fashion social network in 2016, of which everyone has spoken (and wanted to talk), where users and brands have been found half a meter away: what our arm gave us.

Snapchat introduced a format in the social media environment that many would later copy, especially Facebook (which could not buy the social network of the ghost at the time): ephemeral content.

If there is a place to let your hair down and get comfortable, that is Snapchat. There we will be able to comment on what we are doing at all times. If it rains outside, if we stay working late or if we are going to launch a new post. Anything we would like to tell a friend, but that does not have to be an official message either.

  1. Instagram & Instagram Stories

Instagram StoriesWithin Instagram, we find the possibility of introducing up to 10 videos thanks to the recent incorporation of ‘albums’. This gives us the possibility of creating a series of videos that get hooked to the user for a sufficiently long time, as to convey an idea with a draft.

But make no mistake, for now, the video on Instagram is still “the ugly sister”, as this is a social network that was created by and for photography, although it has become something else.

We also have Instagram Stories and Instagram Live, both attempts of Facebook to turn this App into the Swiss Army knife of social networks. In the case of stories, you can apply what you saw on Snapchat, after all it’s a brazen copy.

  1. Periscope / Twitter live

Twitter liveIf before we spoke of networks that allowed us to connect with other users in real time, it is mandatory to name the social network that brought us that format, and in this case, we are talking about Periscope or its Twitter Live version.

How to take advantage of the world of live broadcasts?

Undoubtedly, having people on the other side of the screen (figuratively) makes the conversion rate much higher.

How about a weekly session of questions and answers with your followers?

Not only will you generate more confidence, but also, you can take the pulse of your true needs, which will make your content more accurately.

YouTube or Vimeo?

That is a question that is often thrown at me. And the answer is simple; In fact, it alludes to what has been commented in this same post: it depends directly on the audience you are addressing.

While on YouTube is absolutely everyone, with the amount of noise and disposable material that implies, on Vimeo we have a much smaller audience, but that takes care of the image above all:

  • Audiovisual producers
  • Video artists.
  • Videographers
  • Creative’s in general.

This makes the environment totally different. But then, when should I use Youtube and when will Vimeo? Very easy:

  1. I will use YouTube when my strategy is focused on the capture of traffic and positioning. For example, because my sector has a lot of competition and I have to fight for certain keywords.
  2. I will use Vimeo if, on the contrary, what I want is to expose my work because it is a crucial part of my business.

Exposing my work or capturing traffic will, therefore, be what I define if I do video marketing on YouTube or on Vimeo.

Produce your first video without leaving your computer

Investing money often seems to cost us the most, and that’s what we talk about our business. We prefer to invest our time.

And I do not judge, we’ve all started like this, but investing budget in recording equipment for your videos will not take away the investment you’re going to make in time. And that is much bigger because it does not recover. So let’s make it worth it.

Now I want to show you how to make videos without getting up from the chair.

How to make a video directly on YouTube from scratch

A story that I often tell is that of a friend who told me that he was calm because “he did not need to be on YouTube”. Then I invited him to type his name in the famous video portal and guess who appeared…

Effectively: your competition.

Therefore, dear friend, you must start today with the video for your blog or brand. Because if you do not do it, Google will be responsible for sending part of your traffic to your direct competition.

Because Google is very smart and knows how to relate the themes and blogs that write or create a video about them.

  1. Succession of photos

This you can do right now. Enter your YouTube channel, if you do not have it, I’ll help you create it from scratch and once you’re in; upload a bunch of photos to create a presentation. YouTube will put the effects and even the music, so you have no excuse.

Is it the best video you’ve ever made? No. But if you do it right, at least you will appear in the video results when someone types your name or your blog. That’s why it’s worth it, is not it?

  1. Live video

Before we commented how good it is to create live videos for our blog or brand. Nothing has to detract from a Youtube channel that has nothing but videos created live.

You can now create your YouTube channel, Periscope, Twitter or Instagram and start creating content. Just turn on the camera and share your knowledge. That’s what I call getting off to a good start (but, please, make sure you have good lighting and speak in a noise-free environment).

Programs and websites to make videos online

Fortunately, there are many sites and platforms that allow us to create a video with hardly any resources or knowledge. In this case, I talk about those websites that have a system where we can select images, animations, texts, and music to create original videos from scratch.

Be careful: they hook. I show you the following:

  1. Videolean

Videolean is, without a doubt, the best option. And it’s not because of David Macías, his CEO, but because I met him precisely thanks to his great work. Within your platform, you will find everything you need to create videos that really work in networks, and their numbers do not lie.

  1. Powtoon

An alternative that I have used a lot and that I find extremely funny is Powtoon. In this software, 100% on-line, we will find hundreds of characters, objects, situations … to create our own story on video. We will only have the disadvantage that its free version does not allow download in HD or remove its logo.

mobile videography with friends

Produce your own video: if you have a mobile you have a team

There are no more excuses for not introducing the video into your marketing strategy. There really are not. No shame, no budget, no technical knowledge or time. You can make videos here and now.

Precisely that is what this new point is about, how to make videos with the minimum resources. And I’m sure you have it right now in your pocket, on the table or even in your hand as you read this post. I’m talking about your mobile phone.

mobile videography

Why make your video with your own phone

The main and first advantage is immediacy. I come from the audiovisual world, where we have fought years and years with cameras, video recorders and various formats.

Until you managed to have the video inside the editor on your computer, anything could happen. Now we know that we will record in good quality, in a stable manner and that, in addition, there will be no problem to share it.

So, what is holding us back? Surely it is a psychological barrier, such as “I do not know what to say” or fears “to be shabby”. Both are excuses that we must leave behind as soon as possible.

Tips for an optimal recording that brings out the best in you

That our phone records videos in 4K or slow motion is not synonymous with what we are going to do is technically correct. We must put ourselves – at least a little – in the role of a film director and cameraman, to get the most out of it.

What are these basic guidelines that we must respect at all costs?

  1. Video in horizontal

If we are not publishing on Instagram Stories or Snapchat it will not make sense to record vertically. This ugly custom comes from the use we usually give the phone: in vertical to read texts and scroll with one hand scroll. But when sharing that improvised video in networks, the famous black bars will appear on both sides of the video that, in that case, will leave us as inexperienced.

  1. Find the best frame

The moment you place yourself in front of a camera, either from your phone or from any mobile device, you are locating the position of the person who is going to watch your video. Imagine that is the face of that user. It can be up, down, or even tilted … and everything influences.

At the height of the eyes. It is the best, to transmit equality.

If we place it in a line superior to our eyes we will be placing ourselves in inferiority with respect to the virtual interlocutor, which does not favor us. On the contrary, if we place it below what we will achieve, it is that person who feels inferior, which will rarely interest us.

  1. Catch the best sound

Your video will be as good as its audio. That’s all you need to know today about video marketing. You can try a lot or a lot in a great idea, a last model camera and a unique scenario, but if your audio is worthless … your video will not be worth anything.

Recording a good audio outlet makes your life better, I tell you. And for this, you should not invest in an exaggeratedly expensive microphone, but do have a little care:

  • You can record with the phone’s hands free to be able to zoom out the video but not the audio.
  • Take advantage of spaces with clothes, furniture or books to record your speech or podcast in a “dry” environment (free to review).
  • Wait for times when there are no noises in your home or office, or in the space you are going to use.
  1. Smile and add value

That will be your best letter of introduction. You’re sure or sure of what you’re going to say and nobody can argue with that. Look at the camera as if they were the eyes of that person who is going to subscribe to your blog, to buy your info product or to contract your services. Take advantage of that opportunity.

Let me give you one piece of advice: people are tired of superficial advice that is known to all. You must be concrete. To do this, look for advice for a specific problem, or a reflection based on your most recent experience. Whatever you want, but it brings something that we cannot find anywhere else.