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It has happened to me many times to have published a super-extensive and useful article, and then discover that nobody cares.

Therefore, in this article, I’m going to show you 20 ways to promote your blog, which I have used almost entirely, and so, when you finish reading this article, you can start attracting the audience that your blog deserves.

How to promote my blog in 20 different ways

  1. Create attractive titles

The best way for people to click on articles on your blog (both social networks and organic search results), is to create attractive titles. For that, you just have to describe the main benefit of the content of your blog, at the same time you have to use the correct words. For example, look at the title of this article, “20 Ways to Promote Your Blog”. Describe the main benefit? Yes. This title tells you that if you read this article, you will learn 20 ways to promote your blog, something very important for every blogger and entrepreneur. Do you use the correct words? Yes, because it is concrete. Read the title well: 20 Forms. It’s specific, it’s descriptive (as I said before), and it’s interesting to click. Look for that angle to your articles, and you will see how your traffic improves.

  1. Uses original or descriptive images

The images are a great complement to the articles. The more interactive and original your blog is the better. I, in the articles of my blog, use whenever I can images to describe what I say. Especially in my tutorials. Although I admit that I do not use as many images as I would like (I’m a bit lazy, what am I going to do?), It is important to make the article as interesting and addictive as possible. The images fulfill that objective.

  1. Claim the authorship of Google+

Authoring Google is an excellent way to not only promote your blog, but to improve your personal brand. In turn, authoring photos tend to increase the CTR of the search results, causing you to attract more organic traffic without improving your positions. Here is a guide on how to claim your authorship, which was written by José Galán, where he explains precisely how to do this.

Note: Shortly after writing this post, Google has made the decision to remove the author photos from the search results for the following reasons. However, the “authorship” is still valid. Therefore, it is understood that linking your G + profile to your content continues to have its weight in positioning.

  1. Link to other bloggers

It is important to create relationships with other bloggers. This is something that I will repeat throughout this article. Relationships matter, and a lot. A great way to create relationships is by linking other bloggers in your articles, and letting them know you did it. The goal is simply to get to know you, nothing more. If later that blogger shares your content, thanks you, or does something unexpected, it’s another topic.

  1. Create a list of influencers

The influencers are those people who are famous and respected within a specific niche. For example, Victor Martín is one of the main influencers in the world of social networks, such as Tristán Elósegui in the world of web analytics and online marketing. These people have thousands of followers in their social network accounts, which mean they have a great reach in the community. So, if one of these influencers came to share your content on social networks or on your site, you would get a great promotion at no cost. But to achieve this, you first have to know who they are. I doubt you know them all. So what you have to do is create an Excel list, and list all the influencers you know in your niche. Then, begin to expand it as you find new influencers.

  1. Interview with these influencers

With the list you created previously, contact and interview those influencers that you think fit the most with your blog, and your audience. This is not difficult; you just have to contact them respectfully through your email account. Then, with the interview done, ask them to share it with their followers and fans. In any case, the objective is not only to receive the traffic of your followers and fans, but to create a friendly relationship with this person.

  1. Comment on other blogs

Comments on blogs are very underestimated. Most people think of it as a way to get links to improve their positioning. However, the comments comply with a lot of functions that most do not imagine, and that are very important to promote your blog:

  1. The comments help to create a relationship with the blogger in question
  2. The comments help you to become known within the community or niche
  3. Comments add naturally to the profile of links on your site

The key is always to provide value. If you are going to comment, think about what you say will bring something of value to the conversation, and not simply something simple like a “What a good article!”, And nothing else.

  1. Write articles as a guest

Unless you have entered the world of online marketing today, you surely know the concept of guest articles. Everyone talks about them now. This is because, in part, guest posts simply work, and partly because this is a fairly easy tactic to carry out. A great tactic that not only serves to obtain links of quality, but it allows increasing the referred traffic of your web site (something that not many think). Obviously, one should always publish quality articles. The greater the authority of the blog, the higher the quality should be (you do not want to make a piece of paper, right?).

  1. Invite third parties to participate

This form is the same as the previous one, but in reverse: if you have contacts or friends who have their own blog, invite them to participate in yours. The only requirement is that this contact of yours develops content relevant to your blog, and audience. If you have a cooking blog, you’re not going to want someone (no matter how friendly you are) to write about online marketing, do not you think? The greater the number of followers and fans that person has, the greater the promotion of your blog. Now do you understand why I talk about the importance of relationships?

  1. Use “click to tweet” to make people share more of your content

Click to Tweet is a web application that allows you to make people share your content on Twitter by clicking on a link.

The objective of this tactic is to make your readers share the most important and relevant extracts of the articles of your blog, with very little effort. Once you enter the application, you only have to put the message, the link of the article in question, and that’s it.

  1. Create attractive infographics

An excellent way to attract more traffic to your blog, is creating infographics (also called infographics ). Although in countries like the United States and Great Britain the infographics have fallen in effectiveness (due to the enormous use that the companies have given to him), in this region of the world still they continue having effect. The great benefit that the infographic will bring to your blog is twofold:

  1. On the one hand, people will share it on social networks, helping to promote it through that channel
  2. On the other, it is possible that your fans publish it in their own blogs, helping to position that page in the search engines, making you promote your blog through the organic channel

The only requirement to create infographics is that they must be of quality. For that, make sure you do a good preliminary investigation. And, please, make sure that the infographic is made by a professional designer. As I always say, if you’re going to do something, do it right.

  1. Share the content of your blog through social networks

An obvious question for those who are familiar in the world of social networks: share your content on social networks, and make sure you do it often, without spam. For example, if you recently published an article on your blog, you would have to do the following:

  1. On Twitter, try to share your article more than once, to make sure your followers see it
  2. On Facebook , do it once, and nothing else. If you want the effect to last longer, promote it through Facebook Ads (something I recommend in special cases)
  3. In Linkedin , share it in professional groups relevant to your blog (only applicable in blogs with a professional profile)
  4. In Google Plus , do the same as on Facebook

Obviously, these are very basic tips. If you want to see more on this topic, here you have a lot of more articles to read. Never forget to provide value to your audience, and that they find it useful. Do not try to sell anything either, since that is a big no in the world of social networks.

  1. Increase the “virality” of your content

“Virality” is defined by the number of times a certain piece of content is shared on social networks . If, for example, you get to get an article on your blog tweeted more than 100 times, and get more than 100 “Like”, you could say that your article went viral (obviously, these numbers are completely random and subjective). The virality of your blog would help it get a lot of free advertising without much effort. “Viralization” is more of an art than a science, since there are countless tactics and strategies that help to viralize a piece of content. It is not easy to viralize a piece of content, but some of the most common ways to do that are:

  • Using attractive titles (see point # 1)
  • Using humor
  • Using controversy
  • Using something surprising or shocking

One of the most viralizable content pieces is the link baits, which I will explain in point # 19.

  1. Throw tweets over time

Twitter is a super popular social network today. Everyone uses it. However, if your goal is to promote your blog, Twitter is not as effective as many believe. Why do I say this? Because the “feeds” of Twitter users are usually full of tweets. It is very difficult for a tweet of yours to stand out above the rest (unless you use interesting images, or be a much respected personality in this medium). That is unless you launch relevant and quality tweets over time. That is one of the main keys to promote your blog on Twitter. A great tool that allows you to launch tweets over time is Buffer. The use and configuration of this tool is very simple, so I do not think you have problems. As soon as you can, start tweeting even 3 or 4 times a day, always relevant to your audience.

  1. Create a Linkedin group

If your blog is aimed at professionals, a great way to promote it is through Linkedin . On the one hand, you could simply promote your articles in different groups that belong to the industry or niche of your profession. But a better way to do this task is to create a specific group. Here you have a good guide on how to do this.

  1. Create a Facebook page

The Facebook pages (also known as the “fan pages”) are an extremely important channel for promoting a blog. The key to correctly using your Facebook page is to think that it is another separate site, with only one rule that you must respect: interact with your fans. Obviously, the difficult thing is to achieve just that. However, if you use them well, you will attract many people who will not only read your blog, but will be fans of it.

  1. Add a link to your blog in the social profiles

A very easy way to get quality links is simply adding the URL of your site to the profiles of social networks. For example, on Twitter, I inserted my URL in 2 places: within the description and within the URL field (obviously). I did the same on Twitter, and on Google Plus.

Do the same in all the social networks that you can, as long as it is relevant. Although these links are “no-follow” (that is, those links do not pass “equity” or “power” to your site), they add a certain naturalness to your link profile, as it will also allow you to easily attract more traffic.

  1. Create contests

A great way to promote your blog, and your brand, is to hold contests within social networks. You only need one thing: something to give away. In my case, I once held a contest where I gave away a complete SEO competitive audit and analysis, a simple audit, and a keyword search. You can give away a product, a service (like what I did), or anything else that you think is worth giving away. Not only will you get to know your followers and current fans better, but you will attract new ones.

  1. Create linkbaits

A linkbait is, by definition, “all viral content created in order to attract web links”. You achieve this when you write useful, entertaining and informative content. The great advantage of linkbaits is that they are usually very easy to viralize (see form # 15). Although they are not always 100% effective (since more and more linkbaits are used by bloggers and companies), they are very good at generating an impact on the audience of your niche.

  1. Talk about your blog everywhere

Finally, the most classic and oldest promotion strategy of all. If you want to promote your blog, talk about it everywhere. It’s as simple as that. These 20 ideas that I gave you are born from that single idea: promote your blog where and when you can. Obviously, always do it with respect, without dislocation. If there is a person that nobody wants, it is that person who always talks about herself. Please, do not be that person.