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With the rise of machine learning and the growing consideration of conversion (with predictive conversion rates) by Google, some would say that the quality score is now an obsolete indicator. 

There is nonetheless an indicator with some basic rules for a quality Google Ads campaign!

The Google Ads quality score: what is it? 

The quality score is a score between 1 and 10 given by Google to each of your keywords. Its objective is to ensure that there is as much consistency as possible between this keyword, the ad displayed and the content of your site. In short, it is a way for Google to guarantee qualified results to the Internet user.

Calculation of the quality score

Its calculation is based on multiple indicators that can be summarized in 3 criteria: 

🖱️The expected click-through rate

Volume of clicks / volume of impressions. You will need to attract as many clicks as possible in proportion to the number of times your ads are displayed.

🖥️The usability of the landing page

Your landing page must provide the best response to the searcher, whether in substance or in form. 

The relevance of the ad

You must write an ad that is as relevant as possible to the user’s typed request and what you are offering on your site.

Optimize your quality score

Attract internet users with an ad that makes all the difference

Writing an ad is not that simple, you need to both provide information to the Internet user to arouse their interest but not too much to make them want to know more. 

Start by taking care of the substance by thinking about the elements you want to put forward in the ad to meet the query by emphasizing your competitive advantages to create the difference compared to other advertisers.

Optimize your ad to maximize the click-through rate

Add action verbs in your ad to encourage the user to click and do not hesitate to use the available ad extensions to make yourself more visible and more relevant in response. Another tip, try to place keywords from your campaign within your ad to make it more relevant, and add as many negative keywords as possible to ensure quality impressions.

Yes, the user clicked! Good ok it’s already good but it’s not over …

Take care of your landing page

The Internet user will quickly decide whether he made the right choice or not, so you have to quickly inform him about your identity, your activity and highlight elements of reinsurance. Now, it’s up to you to satisfy him by offering him targeted content in relation to his research and corresponding to what you put forward in the ad so as not to disappoint him. It also makes it easier to navigate by ensuring the loading time and the compatibility of your site on all devices.

Where can I find the quality score?

The quality score is indicated at the keyword level on Google Ads by showing the “quality level” column. You can obtain a little more visibility on the detail of its calculation by also showing the columns “Expected CTR”, “Relevance of the advertisement” and “User-friendliness of the landing page”, which will allow you to identify your axes optimization.

What impact of the quality score?

With each click, Google puts advertisers in competition and decides on a ranking according to two criteria: the configured bid (max CPC) and your quality score. Thus, the higher the latter, the more chance you will have of appearing in the first results and this for lower bids …