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We are currently living at the height of the digital era where it is increasingly easy for us to access technology. In this era we have a wide range of devices at our disposal; one of the most popular is smart phones, which almost all of us have in our pocket. Due to the ease of access, portability and the large number of users who now have these devices, a large sector of consumers has been created, becoming a market in which today’s companies compete to be in it.

Knowing that the mobile world is constantly growing, the next step is to ask ourselves: What benefits can an application bring to my business?

Some benefits that the applications can give us are:

Accessibility: Being an application focused on mobile devices, this gives us the portability that they have, so that any client can access it at any time and place.

Notifications: An application has the ability to notify the user about new updates, information changes or any other relevant event.

Offline Availability: Many features can be kept active even if you do not have an Internet connection, giving us the flexibility to use the application at any time.

Usability: The application offers the advantage of being able to be developed according to the needs of the user, giving it a better user experience in its interaction with it.

Strengthening the brand: The client is given a closer relationship with the business, strengthening the link between the client and the company, as well as giving recognition to the organization in the technological field.

Once the advantages that a mobile application can offer to a business are identified, the goals to be achieved will be defined with the development of the same where, following a business strategy, a conceptual axis that attributes value to the organization can be generated.

In addition, it is important to understand who the application is for and ask: Who will be the users? , What devices use? , What resources do you need? The answer to all these questions gives us the necessary information to incorporate it with the strategy and start the implementation of the application.

The final step is to give life to the idea, for this it is advisable to consult with professionals in the area and thus obtain different alternatives, estimated investment costs and clarify any pending questions within the organizational tactical framework and thus start the process of developing the application.

At the end of this process, the final product will be a mobile application that can transmit the concept and value of your organization, generate benefits for both the client, the business and position your company as market leaders.

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