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You have a blog integration project on your website, and you are wondering what are the benefits of a blog? Here are some tips for integrating your blog and working it to enhance your SEO! 

A blog? Quesako?

The blog (contraction of “web” and “log”, which could be translated by “logbook on the web”), is a site or the specific part of a site dedicated to the communication of a company or business. ‘a brand with Internet users. 

The web pages that make up a blog are what are called “hot content pages”, that is, which present recent news. These content pages are to be distinguished from cold content: product page, cart page, persistent navigation, etc. 

Organized most of the time under different categories, the articles (also called “posts”) of blogs offer editorial freedom to a company and can allow the following content to be presented:   

  • Company-specific information: organization, history …
  • Change of strategy: internal reorganization, new products, modification of product prices, store openings …
  • Market news: changes in market conditions, new laws in application that will have an impact on the offer
  • Product information: manufacturing process, response to a need.

The benefits of blogging for your website

Having a blog is not to look pretty! The articles should allow you to best inform Internet users by providing them with clear information that allows them to respond to their problems. But above all, the blog must allow you to position yourself on certain keywords in order to improve your SEO!

With a blog, you will therefore be able to: 

  1. Improve the positioning of your site in search results: updating your site regularly with suitable and fresh content is rewarded by search engines (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc.). You give them positive signals about the relevance of your site. This criterion will be taken into account in the positioning of your site when an Internet user searches for terms related to your blog article. Note in addition, that as you will be dealing with broader subjects, this will also allow you to position yourself on long tail keywords.
  2. Increase your site traffic: by improving your positioning in search engines, your site will be likely to attract more traffic. 
  3. Generate more conversions: with a gain in traffic and with reassuring content for your Internet users in your blog articles, you will be able to naturally improve the number of conversions on your site.