But nothing happens.

There are almost no visitors, or at least not as many as you expected. After having a peak of traffic, you see in your analytical tool that how visits do not increase, but are reduced to little more than a handful each day.

Worse yet, the incredible article that you have worked tirelessly do not seem to be so shocking. Your readers do not write any comments. At Google, there is no trace of your article.

That’s when you start thinking: What have I done wrong? Will there be missing content? Should I have optimized my article with another keyword?

Surely it’s nothing like that. Actually, what may have been missing is a bit of promotion for your article.

If you want to get visits to your blog, the fight does not end when publishing

One of the most typical mistakes made when posting on a blog is that you do not pay enough attention to marketing.

With the arrival of content marketing and the announcement of Google that calls us to build quality content by transmitting the message between the lines that if you create good content, visits are achieved alone.

This has contributed to many bloggers have put aside their efforts to increase visits to your blog actively more than desirable because according to the search engine, the only thing we must take into account is that our content is good, and that we provide a great value to our readers. The rest is automatic.

Make them meet you

But the reality remains that just creating quality content is not enough to get the visits we all want for our publications.

That your content is of quality means that Google will value it more over others, yes … but you must also remember that there will always be another that is better than you. If you limit yourself to creating high quality content, that means that whoever has articles of your same level and also promotes them, will surpass you.

A few years ago, it was possible to write well and wait for people to discover you naturally. But every day there are more bloggers fighting for a site in the search engine, and therefore there is more competition. The problem, however, is that there are still only 10 positions on the first page of Google.

The luxury of sitting down to wait no longer exists, so now it’s time to reach your readers directly.

How to increase visits to your blog with articles that shine

How to increase visitI have already spoken many times in my blog that the most valuable resource of a blogger (or a freelancer) is time. It is the only resource that we cannot restore, and we must use it wisely.

Only with a little promotion will you see how you can reach a lot more people than it seems.

First, how easy and basic to get visits to your content

Before going into details, let’s get rid of the most obvious: use all your means to publicize your new article:

Publish your articles on social networks

If you are a dedicated blogger, surely you will have all your social media profiles already assembled, right? When you publish your article, an obvious task is and inexcusable to announce it in each of your profiles to receive an initial push. Despite this, it is something that many people still do not do.

Of course, I strongly recommend that you adapt to each of the social networks of your choice. It is not the same to publish on Facebook as on Twitter, and if you contribute something original on each of these platforms you will gain some advantage. Your publications in social media are not a simple echo of your blog, but a channel of your own that you should take care of.

Send an email to your subscribers list

send emailHave you already created your subscriber list? The email marketing is another very powerful tool to increase visits to your blog channel, and if you use it correctly can give you great results. Depending on your style, you can try sending an email with your new article as soon as it is published, or you can wait to include it in your weekly newsletter.

Either way, you can take advantage of the relationship you have with your subscribers to make it reach more people. Remember, a mailing list tends to contain your most loyal readers and are more willing to share your content.

Take a step further

Here comes the easy. Taking advantage of your properties on the Web is something that can help you at first, but you have to go further if you want to get better results.

The key to each of these strategies that I will share with you can be summarized in a single word: relationships.

When you post an article, the best way to get people to read it is by spreading the word, which will help you get visits to your blog in the best possible way: with natural web traffic. And that is something that you will only achieve by creating friendships and strong ties with others, since they will be the ones willing to lend a hand when you ask for it and even without being asked.

But before harvesting, try to sow Offer and do things without expecting something in return; in the future it will be very natural to ask for something on your part too. As simple as that.

  1. Link to others

linkSomething that SEO constantly teaches us is that the links to your site have a lot of value. But in my opinion, something that also teaches wrongly is that you should avoid linking others whenever you can. Big mistake.

Linking other bloggers and influencers is a good way to create relationships and establish alliances. With this you are taking the first step to create a relationship, since it can be interpreted as a sign of confidence- by choosing the contents of a blogger as a reference material.

Make it count

But linking a blogger is not going to help you much if you do not realize it.

When you publish your article, get in touch with him. Let him know that you have been thinking about him, and that you have taken him into account when including the link. Many times, it is simply about connecting with others and starting a conversation.

Some may ignore you. Others may take it badly. But most will respond by thanking you for the link, and in many cases will even share your article with your readers to help you out. A victory for both.

  1. Create contacts

Many times, what makes the difference is who you know, and not what you know how to do.

The way in which I have managed to grow so much with my blog is because of the contacts that I have been creating, throughout my years of work as a developer. Meeting people like Luis M. Villanueva, Javier Gosende, or even Berto López has helped me to spread my content. Otherwise, they would not have gained so much visibility.

Sometimes, just ask

When publishing a new article, do not dismiss asking your contacts to give you a hand. You will be surprised at how willing people can be to help you without asking for anything in return. Of course, remember that sooner or later you must do the same for others, and do not discard to reach out to those who need it most.

Relationships are like a muscle, and the more you exercise the stronger you become.

  1. Participate and comment

commentRemember what I said above about creating conversation? Comment on other blogs of your same theme is a great opportunity to do so, by linking to your articles or the main page of your blog.

But this is not a matter of SEO, since the links that you generate towards your site will surely be no follow and Google will not take them into account.

Instead, it’s about capturing the attention of other readers and getting them to meet you naturally. When you write comments on someone else’s blog, you are first exposed to a new audience, and that makes it easy for an interested reader to find you.

In addition, if you choose well the posts and really dedicate an effort to make dozens of good comments in post with a good level of traffic, as in these blogs there is always a field for the URL of your site, you can scratch a small constant flow of traffic that will come in handy to increase visits to your own blog.

But you can take another step.

When you decide to leave a comment, try to create conversation and be relevant. A blogger appreciates much more a comment that exposes his own point of view, rather than one that is limited to thanking the article:

Avoid doing this. If you really want to differentiate yourself from the rest, give your opinion; provide an anecdote, respond to other readers, raise questions. If you consider it strictly appropriate, you can even link to your article directly in the comment. All this makes the owner of the blog appreciate your comment more, and may even appreciate the contribution.

But beware, a comment with a link to your own blog always smells like spam. The normal thing is that it is only approved if it is a link that really fits in the context of the post commented and provides a clear added value.

  1. Strategic guest posting. A great formula to increase visits

Much has been said about the guest posting: writing guest articles in other blogs, you can place links to your page and increase visits to your blog in this way. But have you thought about the guest posting strategically?

Many people throw themselves into writing articles without knowing what exactly they want to achieve. You can write the best articles and attract many new visitors, but if you do not follow a plan it is possible that all those visits end up being wasted.

What does it mean to have a plan? It involves creating a content strategy from the start, and treats each of your publications as a fundamental piece for the promotion of your blog. Before putting yourself to write, it is good that you ask yourself these questions:

  • What is my main objective when writing this article?
  • What do I want the reader to do?
  • How does this article relate to the rest of my blog?

Soon you will realize that to achieve your goals, you must follow a well-organized publishing strategy. So you know: start creating your editorial calendar, and plan ahead what you are going to write and why.

It’s a matter of relationships

From personal experience, I can tell you that what will most help you in your career as a blogger and your ambition to get visits to your blog are not SEO tools, nor quality content … but relationships. This is not something that is limited to your circle of known people, and your success will depend on:

  • The relationship with your readers
  • The relationship with other bloggers
  • The relationship with the readers of other bloggers
  • The relationship with influencers and acquaintances
  • The relationship with your customers

Therefore, spend a little more time knowing your environment, instead of creating so much content. After all, it’s no use writing fancy articles if nobody is going to read them.