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In order for you to increase your Quality Score, one of the most important elements to improve is your landing page. As already explained, it is essential that you have a good selection in terms of keywords. Also have ads that are totally relevant to them.

However, if you don’t have a good landing page, all the work you’ve done won’t make sense. And it is that, even if your user lands on that page, it will not be possible to make the conversion.

Pay attention to the following points so that you can improve your landing page for Google Ads:

A.- Usability

Usability is very fundamental for a landing page. Surely, on more than one occasion, you have come across some places that seem like a complete maze.

This often causes the conversion to not complete, which is the main objective of every landing page.

That is why it is essential that you make this much easier for your user. But how is this done? You must be as simple, clear and direct in every way possible:

  • Do not distract your audience with unnecessary information: The main objective is that the conversion can be made, so you should not divert the person’s attention by showing them other products or services.
  • Use a CTA that is striking: It is important that the user, with a single glance, has completely clear which button to press so that the conversion can be carried out. It is necessary that it stands out on your page, but that it does not become very striking.
  • A form that is simple: The less data you ask for, the more opportunity you will have that the user can carry out the conversion on your form. Keep in mind which ones you should request depending on the type of conversion you use.

It will not be the same that you capture a lead through the download of content, where only the email will be necessary, then through a purchase of a service or product that deserves much more data.

B.- The conversion

This is something important on your landing page, since the profitability ratio of your Google Ads campaign will depend on this.

Some aspects that you should take into account so that you take care of your landing page and can convert as much as possible are:

  1. Be careful in the design: This is crucial so that you can build trust in your audience and thus achieve the conversion. It includes a visible section where all the contact information is : telephone, email and a chat. This will provide security and confidence.
  2. Attractive, clear and concise texts: The copywriting that your landing page has for Google Ads is extremely important. The texts have to be concise and focused on your main objective, but without ceasing to express them in an attractive way.
  3. Include multimedia content: If you put a good video or image, it will add a lot of value and help you better capture people’s attention.
  4. Add positive reviews and evaluations: When you are carrying out a digital marketing strategy, the customer will always be your center of attention. This becomes very important when it comes to Inbound Marketing. The testimonials you post from other clients will give you reliability and help you convert.

C.- Web optimization SEO optimization for SEM campaigns is very important. The SEO is used mainly for you attract organic traffic, improving the performance of your page and increasing the level of quality you will have in Google Ads.