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Surely you have heard of UX / UI design at some time, since they are two essential concepts when designing an app.

We help you create the best UX / UI design for your mobile app

In this article, I will briefly explain what the UX / UI is, the relationship between the two, and how to use it properly to obtain a good design.

What is UX design?

When we talk about UX we refer to User Experience, which is mainly the way in which users interact with an app. To create a good UX design we need to know the needs of our consumers and, once we know what they need, we can create a useful app that is easier for users to handle.

An example would be to identify how people use their mobile: it is usually with their thumbs. For this reason, the important buttons or elements are at the bottom of the screen, since they are closer to the thumb, while the information is usually placed in the upper area.

You may wonder if it is important to improve the UX in your design: the answer is yes. When you create an app, your purpose is for users to use it, and there the experience they have when doing it has a lot to do with it.

If a consumer enters an ineffective app, it is very likely that they will uninstall it after a few seconds due to a bad experience and also share their negative opinion with others. That is why it is so important that it be easy to use, useful and intuitive, that is what UX design is all about.

What is UI design?

When we talk about UI, we refer to User Interface, or what is the same: the visual and attractive part of our app.

There are many features that must be considered to make a good UI design, such as:

  • Color: Color is a very important element for the identity of our app, it will be what users associate with our brand.
  • Simplicity: The fewer decorative elements the interface has, the easier it will be to identify the most important ones. In this case, less is more.
  • Typography: Typography does a lot in app design. If before we talked about not decorating the interface much, the same thing happens with fonts, it is better to use simple fonts that do not overload our design.
  • The images: If you are going to add an image to a specific screen, keep the purpose of this in mind. For example, if it is a screen where you talk about food, the appropriate thing would be to put a photo of a dish that you have mentioned.
  • Creativity: Creativity can make a difference, that our app has visual elements that other apps do not have makes it much more interesting.

Why do UX and UI design go together?

If we take into account the previous sections, it is evident that a beautiful and attractive design is fine, but it is of little use if it is not useful to the user. Therefore, to get a good result, UX and UI must go together.

At a web design company we always ensure that the mobile apps we develop are up-to-date in usability and design, as this is where most of the success of a project lies; and here, either we create successful projects, or we don’t.