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What happens when your computer crashes or a program fails in your company? What would you do if your home computer crashes? If you are not clear on the answer, it is clear that you need to read this article on how to hire a computer technician.

From Seidel we are going to tell you our vision, as professionals in the sector, on how to optimize the arrangement of the technology of your company or family.

IT for everyone

At the end of the day, everything depends on the regularity and the problems that could cause the failure of your computers, perhaps it has never failed you, but… What if suddenly all the computers or some programs of the company begin to fail?

Punctual service

Normally individuals are offered a type of one-off service when their technology fails. This type of service can be offered remotely, locally or in the individual situation.

Hourly bonuses and maintenance plans.

With this type of technique, your company can achieve greater preference in the speed of technical support help, not having limits on travel hours or fixing incidents, higher benefits, lower cost per hour, support in a greater range of hours, etc. There are several characteristics that companies offer to be able to differentiate themselves from the rest.

Time-demanding services.

When urgency is the main problem, sometimes companies like Seidel offer their technical services to try to solve all problems in the shortest possible time, giving priority to this situation.

What does a technical support person do?

The people who work in technical computer companies are professionals who offer their services to companies and individuals who have the need to solve problems of installation, testing, maintenance, updating, security, repair, etc. of its technology.

Computer technician at home, locally or remotely

Is it better for IT to come to our company or home or bring our technology to your local business? To answer this question, we have to take into account different guidelines;

The displacement costs, if the company offers the possibility of fixing it remotely or in a local and the problem has a solution that can be fixed in this way, it will be cheaper, which will be a more interesting option.

On the other hand, it is true that sometimes problems cannot be solved remotely and the technician needs technology to remedy the problems that have arisen. In this case, the difficulty or ease of bringing the technology to your premises and / or the price of the cost of travel should be assessed.

Skills of a computer technician

There are many competencies that an expert profile in computer support should have:

Know technology

Elemental right? Of course, control all kinds of computers, mobiles, printers, etc. Know the components, characteristics, etc. In conclusion, the conglomerate of concepts that surround the hardware and software.

Control systems.

Each device is a world and knowing all the ins and outs of each one is impossible but the general guidelines are enough to be able to be aware of the different operating systems and ways of acting before the different technology to be repaired.

Diagnostic order

The maintenance, repair and good or bad operation must be adequately documented for possible changes and efficiency of future solutions.