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Businesses often have a common goal: to get new customers, so it’s good that you know how to generate leads with Pinterest. It can help you to integrate this platform to your landing page, so that a joint work is carried out efficiently.

Pinterest stands out for its graphic and visual content, which undoubtedly highlights the quality of the images. However, many brands do not see the potential of this tool or simply cannot find a way to incorporate it into their strategy.

Despite this, it is important that you know that the users of this platform are the ones who spend the most money, even above the most popular social networks. According to Rich Relevance, it represents almost twice the money that Facebook users spend and three times that of Twitter users.

This means that you have many opportunities to generate leads with Pinterest and get users to invest in your brand. Also, you can take advantage of this tool to link your landing pages.

Why use Pinterest to generate leads?

It is not a secret for anyone that more and more companies are using platforms such as Facebook or Instagram to advertise. But they overlook other spaces that can produce the same or perhaps even more effective results.

Therefore, it is important that you know some of the benefits that you can obtain if you use Pinterest in order to generate leads:

  • It is the best platform to be at the “top of the funnel”. Think that many people can be inspired by your publications. Thus, they acquire the products to recreate what they saw.
  • This platform is not only the source of inspiration, but also introduces a wide range of professions that you did not know existed. Generating leads with Pinterest will help you get customers outside the range of your potential audience.
  • Drive more traffic to your website using Pinterest sharing tools. This also allows interactions with your content to increase.
  • Boost sales directly from your website, since every day many users consult the platform to obtain ideas and information about products and services before proceeding to purchase. Becoming one of the best conversion sources for companies.
  • The content can be easily shared and this, in turn, allows your visibility to increase. Pinterest leads the activity of the network in categories such as Food, DIY and Crafts, Health Information, Human interests and fun, Fashion and beauty and Technology.
  • Most of its total traffic corresponds to ecommerce.

Techniques for generating leads with Pinterest

Users look to Pinterest for inspiration, which is great for brands because they can attract leads and traffic. Take into account the sectors that arouse the most interest and if you develop yourself in it, get the most out of it.

But to achieve your goal of generating leads with Pinterest, you need to consider some techniques that can help you:

1.- Create boards for your target audience

That you are not involved in the most popular sectors within this platform does not mean that you cannot work with it. So, if you are interested in getting leads with Pinterest, the first thing you should do is create attractive content about your sector. This has to be adapted to the preferences and needs of your target audience.

How do you get started? Work with themes related to your brand in which you can include visual content, capable of generating traffic. When you have already selected the topic, you have to certify that users will be able to find it easily when searching on this social network.

It is recommended that the topics you are going to work on are different from what users are used to seeing. It is the only way to get their attention. For that reason, it is essential that you create a profile of your buyer persona so that you are clear about the audience you want to reach and what you can offer them that really interests them.

2.- Optimize the SEO of your board

Some believe that SEO optimization is exclusively for websites and blogs. However, for some years now, social networks have also been involved in this relevant factor. Remember that it is the one that will allow you to position yourself in the search engines.

One of the ways to do this is by adding the link to each photo on your board. Sometimes one of the difficulties of this platform lies in the origin of the photos, this makes it impossible to search on the Internet for that product or service that consumers want.

Therefore, it is important that you work with a link building strategy by   inserting links in the photos. So, these direct users to where you are interested. For example, a landing page focused on that product or service that the person clicked on.

The description is also key, you have to explain the function of the board and your company, remember that it works like another social network. So, take advantage of the space designated to include information, there you will write a description, where you can also enter the URL to derive traffic to your website or landing page.

More about SEO

But that’s not all, it is also important that you optimize the username. You only have 15 characters, so please set it to this characteristic. Avoid strange names and those very elaborate, because you run the risk that users do not know that you are the owner of that profile. Use the exact name of your brand and if it goes over the limit, try to summarize it.

As in blogs, keywords are essential, what you have to do is use the most common as the title for your boards. In the description of the pin, it is ideal that you add a text that helps you position yourself. In this case, you have a maximum of 500 characters in which you can include the keywords.

Being a social network, you cannot leave out the hashtags, put them in the descriptions of the “pins” of your boards. Ideally, you should include more than one so that you can position yourself with some hashtags and make them yours as well as the keywords.

3.- Lead generation pages

Another option is to design pins that are directly linked to a sales page or lead generation. You have to make sure that what is on the landing page is the reflection of the pin itself. That is, if it is about articles to create your spaces, the landing page to which it redirects must point to that.

This applies to both a free lead magnet or a CTA to book an appointment. It is imperative that you optimize your lead generation landing pages. So, they are easy to navigate, but also show users the relationship they have with the pin that redirected them.

4.- Follow the industry professionals and their audience

Following other industry leaders and related niche accounts on Pinterest is key to getting an endless supply of content for your boards. It is a way of showing the users of this platform that you are saving relevant content to meet their needs and preferences.

It will help you quickly get more followers in the process. That is why it is important that you follow the people in your audience as well. The strategy of following them will allow you to get their attention, so you should always have a significant amount of optimized brand content on your profile. This increases the chances that they will follow you as well.

5.- Make a Pin-To-Win contest

If there is something that attracts new users and therefore allows you to generate leads with Pinterest, it is contests. It’s a great way to not only attract new leads, but also to increase engagement.

For example, you can run a contest in a simple way, like the Pin-To-Win. The idea is that you provide the audience with multiple pins that they must re-click to win a prize. This strategy is perfect for fostering interaction and introducing your brand to new audiences.

The most practical way to organize a contest to obtain new leads on this platform is through the contest software itself. You can take advantage of the contest to collect information from potential customers, thereby increasing your email list. As you can see, generating leads with Pinterest is simpler than many imagine. You just have to structure a good strategy that allows you to reach your target audience. Which in turn will give you the possibility of converting that potential customer, through the platform and linking with landing pages.