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Applications, tools and tips to download Instagram photos.

One of the most missed features on Instagram is the ability to save photos on your device. You can like, comment or share it but you cannot download Instagram photos. At least not from the official application.

But as we have seen other times, there are mobile and online options to download photos from Instagram, our own or from others, to make a backup copy or simply to collect the images that we have liked the most at risk that disappear because they have canceled that account or because its author has withdrawn them.

We expanded, then, the list of solutions to download Instagram photos with more applications, both for Android and for iPhone, iPad and to run directly from your web browser.

Online downloads

The first proposal of this list is Instasave, a very simple option with which we can download photographs or videos simply by placing the link of that content. Click on the Download button and you’re done.

The tool does not require registration, so we will not have to provide personal data. On the other hand, it does not allow downloading content from protected or private accounts.

Zasasa is an all in one, a page that does not stand out for its appearance but that hides the possibility of downloading Instagram photos and videos from Instagram as well as YouTube.

For what interests us, Zasasa allows you to download Instagram videos, save Instagram photos, download Instagram Stories and even view Stories anonymously.

Insta Downloader is another great option to keep in mind if you need to save Instagram photos or videos. It works like the previous solutions: copy the link, paste it, click on Download and wait.

Optionally, you can install the Insta Downloader extension in Google Chrome to have the option to download in the context menu of Chrome when you open Instagram. That is, you see an Instagram image, click on it with the right button and select “Download it …”

Download on Android

In Android we find applications like InstaSave that allows us to download any image or video from Instagram simply by hitting the link of the content to save.

Among other things, it allows you to play the videos and view the images from the app itself, see a list of previous downloads as a history and does not require registration, although you will need to use the official Instagram app to obtain the corresponding link.

InstaTube is another Android app that serves for Instagram photos and videos. We start our session with our account, click on the image or video and a message will open with the Download button.

Although InstaTube was removed from Google Play, we can still find it in repositories like UpToDown, from where it is downloadable as APK.

Download on iPhone / iPad

From iPhone we can also save our photos and videos hosted on Instagram.

An example is Regrammer, an application designed to share and republish photographs and videos.

What happens if we want to save an image or video? Well simply get the link to that content from the official Instagram app, paste the link in Regrammer, click on Preview and then Share and, finally, we give Save image to be downloaded to iOS Photos.

Repost part of the same premise. It used to be called InstaSave, but for legal reasons it changed its name.

As with Regrammer, we get the link to the image or video directly from Instagram, we paste the link in Repostly and we will have the possibility to share that content again in Instagram or save it in our device.