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If you dedicate yourself to the wonderful world of photography, you have to learn how to create your own landing pages for photographers. It is an excellent idea to offer your services and to attract new leads who are really interested in your brand and your services.

Keep in mind that the main goal of landing pages is to convert the visitors who come to them into customers. And in order to achieve this, you need to know how you should structure your page so that you can achieve the established goal.

Therefore, you have to learn everything related to the creation and design of landing pages for photographers. Because each sector has different aspects to highlight in this type of channel. If something is true, it is that the photographs will be the stars of your page.

What are landing pages for photographers useful for?

It is interesting to know how useful a landing page can be for professionals who are dedicated to photography. This way, you can have a more precise vision of why it is a good idea to incorporate one into your marketing strategy.

  • It allows users to obtain more information about a specific offer or service.
  • Through a landing page you can hire a service.
  • Leads can reserve a date for a session through a landing page.
  • They have the possibility of contracting an exclusive promotion directly from this channel.
  • You can obtain visitor data by using a form, to later contact them by email or SMS.

These are just a few utilities that you can take advantage of, however, there are many others that you can add to the list. Everything will depend on the objective you want to achieve with your page. Remember that they are designed to deal with a central theme, so do not lose sight of the objective you want to achieve.

Structure of landing pages for photographers

Taking into account the uses that you can give to these types of pages, it is time for you to learn how you can create them. It is important that you know the structure that landing pages for photographers must maintain, so that they are really effective.

Below you can see some elements that will be key on your landing page:

1.- Attractive and precise title

How many times have you stopped to read an article or an email just because its headline caught you? Surely, it has happened to you many times, since this is a fundamental aspect to capture the attention of a person. And in the case of a landing page, it is no exception.

Your proposal must be clear from the title. In it you will express what you are offering, what the user came to the page for. That first text must be aligned with the message of the site that redirected the visitor to this landing.

The offer has to be clear from that line of text, otherwise, if the user reaches a generic page that is not accurate, they will abandon it. Always keep in mind that the title is the one that will help you focus the topic of your landing page.

2.- Form

One of the main elements that is usually in the in the main view of the page are the forms. This does not mean that you must have it, it is optional, as it will depend on the action you want the visitor to perform.

For example, if you want to obtain his data to contact him or to subscribe to your newsletter, this is the means indicated to achieve it. But keep in mind that you must make an attractive proposal so that the user is convinced to provide you with their personal information.

In this aspect it is important that you remember that it is not an interrogation, be brief. You just need to know their name and email or mobile phone number, depending on the channel you will use to communicate.

3.- Distribution of the elements

A practical way to work this type of page is dividing it into two parts, not necessarily symmetrically. You will choose the size of each section according to the visual aesthetics you want to handle. The important thing is that you know how to distribute the content so that it is pleasing to the visitor’s eye.

You can place on the right side the image that most faithfully represents what you are offering. It is the ideal space to display your photographic work. If you prefer, you can add a video. But keep in mind that if what the audiovisual says can be expressed with a photo, better place the image.

Now, on the left side you can detail the offer, the benefits they can get if they hire your service. This helps you to encourage him to make a decision because he will be clear about what you offer him as a professional photography.

The advantages that you are going to mention have to be tangible. Let the potential client know that they will really earn something if they hire you. For example, a personalized and exclusive photographic record, or a form of delivery that only you have.

Do not forget the call to action, it has to be just below the benefits, these are what will drive the lead to provide you with their contact information. It could be to register, book a photo session, get a discount, free copies … The important thing is that the CTA button stands out in both color and size.

4.- Testimonials

Once you have worked on the two previous sections, you can focus the next space on the testimonials of satisfied customers. There is nothing that motivates you to take an action more than knowing the opinion of a person who has already tried your services.

Do you see why you don’t put your virtues in the benefits? And it is that nothing better than others say how good you offer. When you work with customer reviews, you generate greater confidence in those leads who are doubting whether it is a good idea to hire your services.

So, the testimonials are of great help to overcome the barriers of mistrust that some users have when hiring a stranger. In addition, they are of great help to create a sense of desire, seeing that others were satisfied with the experience, they will also want to live it.

5.- Reinforcement of the CTA

sometimes the first call to action does not achieve the objective, so it does not hurt that after the testimonials you put it back. This small space can be said to be a footer. In it you will reinforce the CTA with a button that has the keyword to drive the user. This space is also ideal to leave your social networks, a contact where visitors can communicate to clarify doubts, among others. The purpose of this is that the person does not leave without taking some action.