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All the elements count when it comes to capturing the user’s attention, so you have to learn how to design a creative footer for a newsletter.

This is essential when structuring your newsletter, it is not a simple closure or an ornament, they must contain important information that produces an action.

It is in your hands to direct the recipient beyond that email that you have sent. And that’s exactly what the footer is for. But you must know how to create it in a way that attracts the user and is interested in that ending. It all depends on good technique and, above all, an attractive design.

So, if you want to have a creative footer for a newsletter, which must meet two objectives: on the one hand, it must provide complementary information to the content of the email, remember that recipients always want to know more. On the other, that it captures the user’s attention, keeping consistency both in form and content with the rest of the email.

Find out more about the footer

As you already know, the footer or footer of the emails represents the signature or the closing of your newsletter. Users can find it at the bottom of the email, where they can view data such as the sender’s contact, links, social networks and information of interest to the recipient.

This element is usually standard because it does not vary from campaign to campaign. That is why it is important to design a creative footer for a newsletter. You can have a template, but make minor modifications to either the typeface or the colors you want to use.

The idea is that you can have a footer in your newsletter that is eye-catching enough. For example, if you place your social networks, you are inviting users to learn more about your brand. You direct them from a direct channel to others that are more massive but also have high reach and effectiveness.

Elements to create your creative footer for newsletter

If you want to have a creative footer for a newsletter, you just have to know a few key points. In this way, it will be easier for you to design the footer for your email marketing campaigns. Do you want effectiveness? be sure to include these items.

1.- Link to unsubscribe

The first thing that is recommended to place is the unsubscribe link, it is not about inviting the user to unsubscribe. Rather, it’s showing her that you give her the freedom to do so if she wants to.

Sure! Nobody likes to lose subscribers, but it is important that you add this link at the end of your newsletter. Put yourself in the place of the subscriber, imagine how frustrating it would be to want to unsubscribe from a site and not find the option.

In addition, it is better that you give him that alternative than to keep sending him emails that may no longer interest him. It probably won’t open them, which will directly affect your open rate.

This is not a simple protocol, in fact, there are international laws for the defense of consumer privacy that require it. So, comply with these policies and you will earn the trust of your subscribers.

2.- Contact information

Keep in mind that there may be subscribers who are not very familiar with your brand despite receiving your newsletters. For this reason, it is important that you include information related to your company in the footer of your email.

By placing the contact information, you give the subscriber the possibility to contact you when they have any doubts, questions or complaints. Think that, if you have your information, you can make the claim privately by email and you avoid ridicule on social networks.

Next, you will see which are some of the data that it is advisable to enter:

  • Link that leads to your website: so, your contact can know all the necessary information about your brand.
  • Postal address: if you have offices, it is extremely important that you include your postal information. In this way, the subscriber feels more confident because it is a real company, which has a physical headquarters.
  • Email or contact phone: the most basic and important thing to allow the subscriber to communicate, are the contact information. You can add one or more emails and phone numbers in case you want to direct them to the different departments.

3.- Calls to action from social networks

Other key elements to design a creative footer for a newsletter are the social media buttons. It is common for newsletters to include a call to action depending on what you want the user to do, but these would be secondary CTAs.

They advise placing them in the footer of the newsletter so that it does not interfere or take the center stage from the main CTA. Place the platforms where your brand has the greatest potential and reach.

This is a way for them to know more about it and it will give you more visibility on social networks and a larger audience.

4.- Legal information

It is relevant that every email footer has certain legal information. Usually, they are the small letters that are placed in the footer, in which certain information is detailed so that the receiver understands the policies of said shipment.

In this way, you show users that you are serious about protecting their personal information. The following data should be included in this section:

  • Why they receive the email: solve doubts and avoid problems by reminding the recipients why they receive your newsletters. In addition, he points out that they can be removed from the list whenever they want.
  • Privacy Policy: You have the option of placing a brief summary or a link that directs you to the Privacy Policy of the company.
  • Copyright: it is important that if your email is subject to copyright or has copyright, you indicate it.
  • Confidentiality policy: sometimes, some campaigns that are sent to a certain segment may include confidentiality policies on the information that is expressed in the mail.