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Surely, you will have noticed that on several occasions we have made articles about different aspects of Content Marketing. The reason for this is that this strategy has become one of the most important marketing trends in the development of any type of business, since it has demonstrated its ability to bring great results in a much more economical and long term way than the traditional marketing

There are many ways in which a content marketing strategy can be carried out: with posts on your blog, videos on YouTube, info graphics, templates … however, in this post, we will focus on eBooks and we will explain how to develop one of the most common content strategies: create digital books to get leads.

Let’s start by quickly reviewing what “content marketing” is!

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a digital marketing technique that consists of producing and sharing useful, relevant and free content for a specific target audience and focuses mainly on solving the doubts, pains and needs of your individual Buyer.

For example, suppose you are an Infoproductor that is dedicated to selling training videos and exercises to do at home. An idea to develop content marketing would be to offer a blog where you give advice to your Buyer person about how to feed better to achieve the perfect balance between physical exercise and food, or offer an eBook in which you explain in depth the effects of each of the exercises included in your videos.

The idea is to offer high value materials to your readers or potential customers and strengthen your relationship with them, increase your authority on the subject and prepare your audience for a future purchase.

This is a strategy that can help you generate leads, increase the reach of your brand, attract traffic to your website, educate the market and reduce costs.

It is important to emphasize that content marketing is a way to work with inbound marketing, that is, to make the client reach you more naturally. The great attraction of this strategy is that instead of interrupting people with advertisements, useful content and long-term value for current and potential customers is offered.

Now that we have reviewed what content marketing is, we will better understand the advantages of creating eBooks and offer them to your audience.

What are the advantages of offering free eBooks to your audience?

You can produce it by spending little (or not spending anything)

One of the main advantages of offering free eBooks to your audience is that it is a type of infoproducto that you can develop without having to invest too much money, and you can even do it without having to invest anything at all.

You just need to have enough knowledge about the topic you are going to address and a computer. You can use banks of free images to include photographs or drawings and you can format it using different programs, such as Art Studio, Photoshop, Illustrator and even Power Point.

Increase your authority as a reference in your niche

Another reason why it is worth offering free eBooks to your audience is because it is a marketing strategy that allows you to demonstrate what you know and can offer. This is something that in the long term generates value and reinforces your authority.

Educating and providing a solution to a recurring theme without requesting anything in return allows you to create a bond of trust between your potential clients, and when this is done in a recurrent and correct way it can be truly powerful to enhance results.

It helps you get leads for email marketing strategies

When you offer a free eBook to your audience you have the opportunity to obtain the data of the users that download or request the material. For example, you can ask your users to leave their data (name and email) to make the download. And so, little by little, you can start creating a database or list of potential clients that you can then use to develop e-mail marketing strategies.

Now if … How to create it?

Choose a problem that your buyer needs to solve

To start preparing your free eBook you must begin by defining the topic you are going to discuss. And, for this, it is important that you take into account those topics of greatest interest to your audience, or rather, those problems that your Buyer person needs to solve.

It is important that you choose a topic that is relevant and of great interest to your audience and that is also a topic of which you have a lot of knowledge, so that you transmit your credibility to the reader.

To know with greater certainty the topics or topics that may interest your readers, you can use Google Trends , Google Keyword Tool , SEMRush  or your own blog data, using Google Analytics .

Another option is to conduct surveys, interviews or even have more informal talks with your audience or with people who are already your customers.

It is also valid to evaluate the issues addressed by your competitors, as it can give you clues and ideas to offer a more complete content (Do not make the mistake of offering more of the same!).

Make a deep investigation of the subject

Documéntate and investigate everything you can on the subject you are going to address before starting to develop your eBook.

Evaluate what has been written and what’s new on the subject. Remember that this is a content that will be disclosed to a lot of people: any mistake can jeopardize your reputation and authority in the sector.

Write the most complete content you can

Start writing your eBook! It’s time to put your writing skills to work.

It is important that you take enough time to write the contents of your eBook. This is something that you should write without haste, only this way you will be able to write something that is memorable, pleasant and interesting for your audience.

Pay close attention to the way you organize the content and the phrases you use, since it is important to impact the reader from the beginning and keep them interested until the end of the eBook.

Create scannable texts based on lists and subtopics and avoiding long texts; another recommendation is that you seek to interact as much as possible with the reader, asking questions, exemplifying, telling your experiences, etc.

Finally, it is important to include a call to action. An eBook is a great opportunity to grow your community, publicize your products, show your social networks, etc. Seize it!

Ask a friend or professional to review your text

When we are in contact with content for a long time, some details may go unnoticed; therefore, it is recommended that once you write and organize your eBook, ask a friend or professional to review your text. Only then you can be sure that you are delivering a well presented content free of spelling or syntax errors.

Add images, links and videos

One of the great advantages of digital books is that they can be complemented with audiovisual material such as images, links or videos. Inserting other types of formats to your eBook can help you vary your content, make it more enjoyable to read, keep the reader’s attention, avoid boredom, etc.

Format your content and include an index

For a digital book to be truly attractive and of quality it must meet two basic requirements: be well written and have a good finish.

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It is important that you take care of the design and layout of your ebook to give a more professional touch to the work, as well as include an index to locate the reader and achieve a 100% scannable text.

This is something you can do yourself: on the Internet you can find predesigned templates or applications such as eBook Burn with which you can create format and diagram your digital book.

On the other hand, if you feel you definitely do not have design skills, do not worry: you can hire a freelance professional who masters how to make a digital book to do work at sites like Workana, Odesk or Freelancer.

Tip of gold: we recommend 4 downloadable and free templates so you can create your first eBook using Power Point!

How to spread your digital book?

Now that you know how to create digital books, there is only one last step to be done: disclosing them on the Internet.

For this, you can support yourself in all the channels where your audience is present: announcements in social networks like Facebook and Instagram, your own blog, websites that put content related to the subject of your e-book, e-mail marketing … There are many the options available!

Remember to focus on those channels where your audience has a greater presence and, of course, constantly monitor the results so that you understand the weaknesses of your promotions optimize them and obtain better conversion rates.

Now that you know how to make a digital book for your content marketing strategy, it’s time to get down to work and begin to give value to your venture, increase your impact on the Internet and become an authority.