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Learning how to automate an online store can be, without a doubt, the perfect method for your company to succeed in the digital world.

With an ecommerce you can sell your products or services to all users around the world. That is why many firms are currently looking for different methods to automate actions and messages and reach all their customers.

By automating an online store, your business gets rid of repetitive processes and focuses the efforts of your workers on other tasks. It is therefore very important to use marketing automation in many procedures, especially if your ecommerce has a wide product catalog.

Next, you will discover how to automate an online store so that your company is much more efficient. These various steps will go a long way in automating communications. In this way, you will be able to communicate effectively with your customers and improve the quality of your online service.

Automate an online store: Why do it?

Having an automated ecommerce is a clear advantage that you can have to improve your conversion rate and the loyalty of your customers. This is mainly due to the fact that in e-commerce businesses there are many repetitive processes that it would be impractical to perform manually.

That is, a machine, plugin or program can take care of these processes without the need for human intervention. For example, the sending of all kinds of transactional emails in response to payment processes, even remarketing actions. Although these are just some examples of automation of an online store.

At the end of the day, automating means configuring a series of responses that automatically jump when users perform a certain action in your ecommerce.

It can be when registering, requesting information, buying a product, etc. But it can also be automated based on other types of factors, such as special dates, client inactivity periods, the segmentation of their interests, etc.

How to automate an online store

If at the moment you are considering automating your online store and you don’t know how, then this information will be useful. There are a number of tools and factors that will help you create the best marketing automation strategy and drive the growth of your ecommerce.

1.- Installation of various Stock update plugins

One of the many guidelines on how to automate an online store is undoubtedly the Stock update. In fact, there are many plugins to manage the inventories of the online store automatically.

If your ecommerce is made in Woocommerce or WordPress, you can use plugins such as “Stock”, which updates your inventory automatically. You can schedule it to update as often as you need (every day, every week, etc.) and once this is done, the plugin will be ready to act.

Thanks to this solution you will not need to have a person dedicated exclusively to doing this management manually. Your ecommerce will be able to keep its inventory updated mechanically and on time when making sales in the physical store. Apart from this, it will also give you an idea of ​​the products sold in your ecommerce.

2.- Segment your customers for your email marketing shipments

When talking about how to automate an online store, email marketing should not be overlooked. This type of automation for ecommerces is very efficient. Above all, if we want to segment customers whether they are B2C or B2B in a simple and fast way.

With a good database and good CRM software, you can gather all the necessary information from customers to create powerful email marketing campaigns.

It is only necessary to work correctly on the lead scoring strategy and develop email sequences fully adapted to the phases of the buyer’s journey of your buyer-personas.

Automating your emailing strategy can have enormous advantages. This is a powerful tool that you can apply for your ecommerce sales strategy. But not only that, email marketing automation is very effective for:

  • Increase sales.
  • Attract new clients.
  • Recover inactive clients.
  • Improve communication and customer service.
  • Earn the trust of your target audience.
  • Loyalty to all your customers.

3.- Recover abandoned carts

In all ecommerce there will always be a small percentage of people who abandon the shopping cart. Either because they are undecided or because of other circumstances.

However, automation allows sending a reminder to the user to complete the purchase, turning this disadvantage into an opportunity.

In addition, you can take the opportunity to offer an incentive, such as a special discount. Remember automation does not mean lack of personalization, so you can send him a message adapted to his need.

4.- Offer outstanding products

On the other hand, when learning how to automate an online store you should also know that you can create retargeting and remarketing campaigns, taking into account the purchase history or the behavior of the users who visit your ecommerce, you can configure advertising related to their interests.

In this way, you will be adopting another totally efficient and effective way for your company. For example, companies like eBay or Amazon use an automated process to send featured product catalogs to their customers. This is done by connecting your database with email marketing tools or other platforms.

On the other hand, thanks to the tracking codes of platforms such as Google Ads or Facebook ads, you can create independent processes in ecommerce. In this way, the data collected by these codes can give your company solid information to establish automated actions.

Also, offering featured products through ads and creating effective landing pages will allow you to increase your sales exponentially.

5.- Strategies to attract new customers

Automation marketing is another method of attracting new customers. Thanks to automation technology and various tools, you can use procedures such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to attract potential customers in your sector.

One of the most effective strategies to achieve this is to implement a chatbot on your e-commerce platform. These are computer programs that simulate a conversation and are available to users 24/7. Thus, you can improve your conversion rate by solving customer questions in seconds.

These chatbot work on the basis of message automation. It is about creating suitable routes to any type of query that your users usually make.

Depending on the specific customer’s need, the bot will issue a related response. The better you plan all the messages, the easier it will be to achieve customer satisfaction.

6.- Multichannel strategies

Knowing in depth different techniques on how to automate your online store will also allow you to understand that it is possible to create truly effective multichannel strategies to improve the competitiveness of your business.

Although marketing automation is closely related to email marketing, you must take into account sometimes this channel is not enough to impact and retain customers.

To avoid any type of setback when communicating with your clients, the most appropriate thing is to establish a multi-channel strategy. Thus, you can reach your target audience from social networks, with advertising campaigns and strategies such as SMS Marketing.

7.- Create order management automatically in your B2B clientele

A very useful process within the different electronic businesses whose clients are B2B is the possibility of managing orders. This is largely due to B2B customers buying products in large quantities. If your company is dedicated to offering products or services to other companies on a regular basis, it is ideal to automate it. This will not only save money, but also time for both your company and your client. Automated order management is one of the successes of B2B businesses today.