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Digital is an essential lever for selling single-family homes, and at the heart of your marketing strategy is your website!

It is thanks to it, and to all the levers that you will put in place around it, that you will be able to attract more and more qualified customers and increase your commercial performance.

Single-family homes: a non-linear search

You know, the explosion of the internet and access to better connections has changed our research habits and the way we consume information. Today, we don’t go on the internet: we live on the internet.

Your prospects are online, that’s a fact. But their use of digital is not linear! To begin with, we must distinguish between Internet users and mobile users (those who use their smartphone to browse). Since March 2018, the mobile has passed in front of the computer for the number of consultations of real estate websites. However, the time spent on the computer is always higher! And things get even more complex, since the same individual does not use the same device depending on the time of day.

In the real estate sector, 95% of property searches start on the Internet: moreover, it is the second most searched sector on the web!

It is therefore essential that your site is efficient and well referenced, in order to reach prospects during their research phase, but also those who are more advanced in their decision-making process.

Have you ever wondered how people get to your site? In general, the sources of contact are varied.

Thus, some Internet users search directly in Google or other search engines for the keywords that interest them. Other Internet users prefer to use lineage sites for example. Finally, others will directly search Google for the name of a manufacturer they have seen in the street.

A different state of mind depending on the stage of the decision-making process

The keywords that Internet users will type in the search for a builder of individual houses are not the same according to its progress in its research.

How to capture Internet users during these different phases?

In order to capture Internet users during their different research phases, you will have to build a real performance-oriented digital strategy. The goal? Make your site a central part of your contact acquisition strategy.

We recommend that you operate the digital levers in the following order:

  • Natural referencing (SEO): essential to be seen on the internet, it is a lever that works as a common thread, at the same time as the others.
  • Ergonomics: your site must be attractive and functional, so that Internet users can easily navigate and return to it, but above all in order to transform them into contacts.
  • Paid referencing (SEA): this lever makes it possible to strengthen and optimize the SEO strategy by attracting even more qualified traffic to your site.
  • Data: all the information collected on your prospects will allow you to better orient and inform your SEA campaigns.
  • Branding: it will allow you to develop your notoriety and extend your brand to new territories.
  • Social networks: this is the final lever that strengthens all the previous actions by consolidating your community of customers, but also by developing your brand image.

Your site will also allow you to reach out to prospects who are researching online by browsing between real estate portals and websites. It is for this reason that it is so important to carry out a cross-channel strategy, to synchronize your marketing actions, whether they are online (on the web) or offline (television, radio, cinema, press, etc. etc.).

And above all, as you activate these different levers, consider setting up measurement and analysis solutions. It is essential to optimize your strategy in real time, to make the right decisions at the strategic and budgetary level, but also to ensure the best ROI of your actions!