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Since the dawn of humanity, man has followed, sometimes consciously and sometimes not so much, a series of steps to achieve different objectives. In reviewing the history, we realize that different cultures around the world in different times have carried out different tasks from the creation of pyramids, through the construction of ships, to the massive collection of data. However, they all have a common denominator: process.

In this way, a process can be defined as the logical series of steps that help carry out an objective efficiently. That said, not every step sequence automatically becomes a process due to its lack of logic.

Nowadays, both people and companies have more advanced tools than in previous times, which help the processes to be carried out more quickly. In a dynamic and globalized world, having processes does not guarantee the successful achievement of a proposed task.

At present, it surprises in an absurd way how some companies do not take advantage of modern mechanisms; On the contrary, they remain relegated without making use of the valuable tools that the global market offers. In this way, a mechanism not used by most companies in the optimization of their processes is the software being relegated and not standing out from the competition.

Companies that take software into account as part of their assets are those that stand out from their competitors because they have found a way to analyze millions of data by converting information in real time. Here lies one of the main differences between a successful company and one that does not advance or fail: the latter sees the software as an expense, a bad investment, an instrument that will not help you make decisions and, on the contrary, increase your costs by leaving less useful

In this way, companies that have computerized applications have many more advantages because they can analyze the market more quickly by measuring when the market favors them or not; He also has greater worldwide visibility by making his business recognized; you can report more business.

Finally, I would like to clarify that I believe that not every manual process is bad, sometimes it is necessary. However, it is precisely the software in the processes that gives the advantage to a winning company.

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