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If you want to achieve good results on your landing pages, you need to follow a series of points to create attractive, effective and value-added landing pages from posts.

1.- Your benefits

What are the benefits that the user will obtain by entering their data in your landings? You may be able to access content that is exclusive or information shared only for subscribers. Everything that serves so that they can leave their data will be useful to you.

2.- Make the image attractive

As long as you offer a clear image, it will make the user have a greater perception of what they will receive. The images have a lot of weight in the power of capturing users, since it is one of the first things that the user will see.

Therefore, you must choose images that cause a visual impact. But they must also be consistent with the content they are promoting. For example, those that make your posts easier to digest for greater interpretation.

3.- That the form has few fields

One of the most common mistakes when designing landing pages from posts is that potential subscribers are asked for a lot of data.

When a person is faced with forms that ask for too much information, they usually do not complete it. It may be because they don’t have time or because they are simply lazy. The less data you request, the better!

4.- Bullet Points are necessary

The bullet points are those bullets that your text has in the form of a list, and that will reap the benefits that users have if they follow the conversion steps of your landings.

Thanks to this, users can be clear about the main benefits before leaving their data on your landing page. Therefore, bullet points are very effective in increasing conversions.

5.- Use a powerful Call to Action

Those buttons that include a call to action have a high success rate, compared to typical “Submit” buttons.

One example is that if you are offering a product for download, you can use a ” Download Now” button. The idea is that you get the user to perform the action.

6.- Do not place distractions

One of the objectives of landing pages from posts that are posted on your blog is that you can capture extensive user information, in order to start using an email marketing strategy.

It is for this reason that it is recommended to eliminate certain distractions, as well as to remove the links found on the landing pages. Links can turn into conversion leaks, so you should avoid using them. Due to this, the user will be able to enter their data or leave the site. Now that you have all the knowledge about how to implement landing pages from your blog posts, don’t waste time and take advantage of all these tips so that you have a highly positioned site and easily generate leads.