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For several weeks, even several months in Asian countries, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been disrupting our daily lives.

The announcement of the implementation of travel restrictions and the closure of certain stores has a major impact on business activity. To be able to adapt your digital strategy during a global crisis, it is crucial to closely monitor the news by setting up a crisis watch.

Set up a crisis watch: a mandatory step for your company

During a crisis like the one we are experiencing today with the Coronavirus, obtaining information as quickly as possible is essential. Indeed, having the right information allows you to:

  • Take the appropriate measures to guarantee the best service to your customers and quickly inform them of the changes that will be made (in terms of delivery for example).
  • Speak in full knowledge of the facts to reassure your customers, even if your business is not impacted.
  • Be aware of the instructions to follow in order to develop your internal functioning and guarantee the safety of your employees.
  • Have a better vision of the evolution of the situation to be able to adapt your marketing investments and promote the levers with the best return on investment.

If monitoring information is essential, be careful of fake news! Social networks and forums are full of unverified information. Your Watch expert analyzes each identified information for you and communicates the reliability of its source via the data collection interface made available to you.

What type of crisis watch should you put in place?

The interesting information for your company will be related to your industry, the life cycle of your product and your environment. Each watch must therefore be carried out in a personalized way.

  • Does your company buy raw materials from suppliers or work with international partners? The implementation of a market watch is mandatory to know how the situation is evolving in your sector of activity, and in that of your suppliers.
  • Does your company have several points of sale, or uses a network of carriers? By setting up a social watch, you can be notified as quickly as possible of the measures put in place by the government that could impact your production or delivery cycle.
  • Can the crisis impact your business and therefore the perception that a customer may have of your product / service? An e-reputation watch makes it possible to identify all the repercussions mentioning the brand name, the name of the manager and of your products to identify the questions or negative comments requiring a response.