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Unquestionably the issue of corporate blogs and their importance is not new, but many of them do not achieve the expected success because many companies do not have a professional online strategy or defined guide to the steps to execute before and after creating a blog.

The blog should be an important pillar in the online strategies of the company. If your company already has a corporate website then it is time to go thinking about taking the next step, in this case to create a business blog that will accompany the website of your business.

We are going to what interests us; here are some points to consider:

What do you want a corporate blog for?

If the business or company is not clear about the objectives you want to achieve when opening a blog then I suggest that you devote the necessary time to write them, because without a fixed course it is difficult to achieve the expected success.

First you must define what you want a corporate blog for , ie the objective , an example of an objective can be to increase the number of visits on the website, position your brand as opinion leaders, increase the degree of attention and customer satisfaction .

Who will assemble the blog?

Surely if you are a SME is more likely to suit you or have to hire the service of a freelance, in the case that you are a large company may be supported in any agency or in your area of ​​technology.

For example: if you already have a corporate website, it means that you have previously worked with a person in the creation of your web portal, depending on how you have worked, maybe it is time to hire them again; An advantage of this person is that you already know your website from head to toe.

If you have a person within your organization with the necessary technical knowledge to cover said position … then it should be evaluated.

Now, if you are the owner of your own business and you consider yourself a thousand uses and, in addition, you have the knowledge because maybe you can save that investment, but beware, dedicating that time to this task can be more counterproductive and instead of your blog see the light fast, may not have a real delivery date since your multiple occupations can divert you and affect the project.

My recommendation is to delegate this activity to a professional in the field and thus invest your valuable time in other activities.

How much will you invest?

An important factor that comes into play is the economic resource, the investment that you will have to make, so you must analyze the options that the market can present to you and see what fits your budget.

If you realize, I have used the word invest instead of spending since it is the way you should visualize it.

The cost of the investment will be recovered with the clients that arrive through the blog of your company , so do not see it at all as an expense, change the chip

You must take care of the budget in such a way that you do not fall short for the next steps that you will have to execute.

The investment may vary depending on the person or agency responsible for the project, as well as future changes.

Before starting it is important to define who is going to be responsible for taking the project to a good start.

Analyze the current situation of the corporate website

Surely the business already has a functioning website, in that case it is necessary to analyze if the current corporate website has the features or functional design that makes the company’s blog stand out, since the entire strategy must be resolved on it , or maybe it’s time to carry out a deep redesign of your business website.

You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my website displayed correctly on any device?
  • Can I easily integrate the blog to my business website?
  • Can a section of the most recent articles of your blog be added to the main page of your website?
  • Does the current website have the necessary elements for easy use and information search? Contact page, customer service by chats, frequently asked questions.

Always remember to highlight and publicize your business blog to your visitors.

Define your market

Recently in this same blog Maïder wrote a very interesting article on the keys to create good content and mentions an important point: “what you write has to be aimed for a target audience, but first of all you have to be clear about what are the issues they respond to the needs and interests of your audience.”

To know the needs and interests of other people is essential to identify your market or target audience, some of the aspects to investigate would be the following:

  • The average age of our target audience.
  • What kind of content is your audience commonly looking for? An adult may look for content related to health or exercise, but a young person may seek information about video games or sports.
  • What social media do you frequently use?
  • Level of studies.
  • Marital status of our target audience.

Once the business has defined the target audience it will be easier to create useful content and provide great value to the audience.

If the business does not define your target audience, it is surely aimed at ensuring that no one reads the blog, let alone you’re content.

Define design and colors

The business has to define the design, structure and colors of the blog; as a recommendation it is important that the blog link appears in the main menu of the corporate website to give it the importance and importance it deserves and to attract the attention of our visitors.

n this era in which most already has a mobile phone, it is important to adapt our website and blog to a responsive design, that is, it can be viewed correctly on any device.

In short: make a model of the blog and take care to see it from a PC or Mac to a mobile device or tablet.

Platform and template selection

Another factor to consider is the platform that will be used to implement the blog.

The most widespread platform due to its ease of use is WordPress , although if you need some technical knowledge, this is where the knowledge of the person you have hired comes into action.

Personally I recommend using WordPress.org although there are other options such as Blogger or Joomla , it is a matter of analyzing, advising us well and choosing the one that best suits our needs.

Once the platform is selected it is time to select the look & feel, in other words the skin or template that will make our blog look very good.

With respect to templates one option is to get them for free, but I really do not recommend it since one point to consider is that you will not have support for any problem, so I suggest buying a template to make the necessary adjustments and that is aligned to the main web of your business.

Subscription to your blog

A very important section in your blog should be the recruitment of subscribers with which you can later perform an email marketing strategy.

For the above it is essential that the business blog has a subscription box, which you can implement with tools that already exist in the market, the subscription is one of the first steps to take in the email marketing process.

Content creation and marketing

One thing is that you have already set up your blog but now comes a core part, the creation and marketing of content , by constantly generating quality content and original what you will cause is to position yourself as a reference in your area.

For this you have to find the person to whom you are going to delegate such an important task, you can search for this person within your organization or look outside for a person who offers you the copywriting and content marketing service.

Evaluate your possible options well and if you go the external way then I recommend that you investigate about that person and that he show you his portfolio of clients, as well as their opinions. Please, do not leave this activity in the hands of inexperienced.

Copywriting and content marketing is very important for the company if it wants to increase customer loyalty, increase sales, offer services in a persuasive manner.

Promote your blog

The company must establish a strategy with which to promote the blog constantly, for this I can make the following changes:

  • Sometimes some companies are invited to lecture, this is an excellent time to promote and publicize the corporate blog of the organization.
  • Conduct contests with your customers or employees but in such a way that they have to visit the blog.
  • Offer a detail or memory such as a shirt, pen or pen with the name of the company and the blog.

These are just some examples; everything depends on the creativity of the company and the work team.


The metrics that are going to be evaluated periodically must be established to analyze, correct or improve some strategies and obtain the best results.

Some metrics can be:

  • Number of monthly visits.
  • Number of new subscribers per month.
  • Most visited pages in the month.
  • Analysis of traffic source.
  • Location or geographical area of ​​visitors.
  • Bounce Rate.
  • Number of comments on the blog.