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Many people understand graphic design as the discipline in charge of the production of stationery and printed graphic applications for companies, but what about the online world?

The graphic design accompanies us in our day-to-day lives, and not only makes everything more aesthetic and eye-catching, also usable and accessible so that the user experience is as positive and pleasant as possible for each of the users who visit our website.

As every day many are the companies that bet on the latest in security, there are also many others that bet on the latest trends in web design, such as responsive, mobile formats, and that trap the user in a unique browsing experience.

Today the graphic design applied to the websites is more than necessary if a brand wants to position itself in a place where there are more than 1,000 million websites. So investing in this discipline is a mandatory task.

But, really a well designed website from the aesthetic point will help us sell more since our presence is greater from the beginning? No. To this we must add maintenance tasks and search engine positioning.

Tasks as simple as making your content can be transmitted efficiently, to generate a considerable increase in leads, thanks to the work of search engine spiders. Robots and algorithms that capture everything that happens on your platform and position the websites according to the value of the content (authority).

The law of 2 seconds

One of the rules that must always be followed in graphic design is what many designers call “the law of two seconds.” It is about achieving a very positive first impression in the first two seconds that a user spends browsing the web.

The visual part is elementary to capture the attention of users. This first impression depends on the user staying on your page. And, if its structure, presentation, accessibility, usability and aesthetics promote your confidence, you already have a second chance. The one to continue browsing it and until I get to buy your product.

Visual Content and SEO Positioning

The relevance regarding the quality of the visual content is not discussed. Nor is its relationship with SEO since the rate of permanence of users on a site directly influences your SEO positioning.

Perhaps, the idea of ​​being yourself who created the visual content of your website, such as photographs, video, etc., has never crossed your mind … ERROR! You should always leave these actions and graphic design to a professional. He will know what content, keywords and tags are necessary for your website to be indexed by search engines correctly.

Loading time

The loading time of a website is a crucial factor for the permanence of the user on the site. This will depend on the design structure and why not, on the visual content. It will be the designer who treats the content and optimizes it in the correct way to prevent this time from lengthening. Therefore, you must always take into account what types of graphic content you want to add and load on our website, to minimize loading time.

Web Usability

Regardless of the type of design you choose, you should always create with a single objective, increase web usability. There is no greater achievement than, that a user feels really comfortable while browsing our website.

Not only that we get an aesthetically beautiful design, but that it is able to find menus and buttons with ease, but that each element works as it should. Only in this way, we will make the time spent in it lengthen more than the user initially thought.

A good UX strategy will help to retain customers with the brand.

Final Recommendations

As a last recommendation we will tell you that if your goal is to sell through the web, consider in a remarkable way the help of professionals during the creation of your e-commerce.

At E Trend Talk, your satisfaction is our priority. That is why we develop the latest trends and developments in graphic and web design to always offer the best result to our customers. If you already know what your project will be like, visit us. We will make it happen.