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Google is currently working on many topics to improve the user experience, especially on mobile. Loading time is one of the priority areas (AMP, setting up a tool to test the speed of your mobile site, etc.) and it is for this purpose that Google has launched parallel tracking monitoring.

Definition of parallel tracking on Google AdWords

With PT, when a user clicks on an ad, they are redirected more quickly to the final URL on the site. Indeed, AdWords clicks tracking and redirection are handled separately, but always simultaneously, hence the name tracked in parallel.

  • How “classic” monitoring works

With traditional tracking, when an Internet user clicks on an ad, he goes through several redirects (invisible to the Internet user) before arriving on the site, which can lead to a longer loading time.

  • How parallel tracking works

With PT, when an Internet user clicks on an ad, it is sent directly to the final URL on the site, the tracking is triggered in the background, not slowing down the loading time for the Internet user.

Google AdWords: Set up parallel tracking

Here are the steps to follow to set up parallel monitoring:

1. Log into your Google AdWords account

2. Click on All Campaigns

3. Click Settings, then Account Settings

4. Click Track

5. Click the toggle button next to “Parallel Tracking” to activate it.

Please note, before switching to this new tracking model, it is important to check that your tracking model is compatible with parallel tracking. For example, if you use custom third-party parameters in your URLs or dynamic landing page redirect, enabling this feature may prevent your tracking or landing page from working.


Tracking will be available at the start of 2018 in the new AdWords interface. It will then become the default tracking method for all accounts. Google has not announced a set date, but it will be in the year 2018. If you want to know more about parallel tracking, please feel free to contact us. The experts of our web marketing agency in Rennes, Nantes or Lyon are at your disposal to support you in these technical evolutions which it is essential to master for the optimization of your campaigns!