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Whether you are selling a one-time product or a long-term service, customer loyalty and retention must be a top priority . After all, you’ve spent time and money getting prospects and targets to join your offer and buy your solutions! You would not want to put all this in the trash of your marketing efforts? Each customer is a valuable asset to your business , whether it becomes an ambassador for your brand activation or makes repeated purchases over time.

Customer retention, a marketing priority

The first mistake is to believe that customer service is enough to retain and ensure a good retention rate. People only contact customer service if there is a problem, but the fact that the product works as intended does not mean that they necessarily stay in your small papers.

A loyal customer is a customer:

  • who is actively interested in your business and your solutions,
  • who willingly recommends your services or products to others,
  • who, if possible, makes other purchases from you.

Your marketing team must also get involved!

3 good ways

Customer retention: 3 good ways to retain

Give good reasons to stay in touch

After a purchase, it is difficult to convince your customers to subscribe to your newsletter or follow you on social networks : no one wants to be chased by advertisements for a product or a service already purchased. However, to ensure a good customer retention rate, we must stay in touch one way or another.

The solution ? The personalization and relevance ! If you send them the same messages as your prospects, all you will get is a skyrocketing of unsubscriptions. Create personalized and relevant content , just for them, useful and adapted : practical advice to make the most of the product or service purchased, inspiration with stories from other customers …

And let it be known : put your mouth water, present this valuable value-added content when you ask your customers to sign up for one of your loyalty schemes .

Provide compelling and addictive incentives

The incentive programs are a great way to increase customer retention! The secret of success is to offer your clients incentives for action that match what you want from them . Do you want more references ? Set up a reward system if your customers recommend you! Do you want to get regular customers ? Offer special promotions or gifts to thank them for their purchases.

A tip: forget the draws and competitions ! If you make some happy, you also make a lot of disappointed … A good loyalty and customer retention campaign must reward the actions and participation of everyone.

Collaborate with client managers

To put in place an effective customer retention strategy, you need to learn more about them and their situation . What are their difficulties with your products or services? Why are they leaving your business or not making a new purchase? Are there any concerns that you can solve ?

To collect this valuable information, you do not necessarily need to invest huge sums in target studies: start by getting closer to those who are on the front line , the managers and the interlocutors of your customer service . They should also be able to provide you with concrete data if they have completed satisfaction surveys .

In this way, you are not only creating your loyalty content based on assumptions: you are tackling the real issues and you are engaging with your customers . The equation is simple, better customer intelligence , better customer retention, more referrals and repeat purchases.