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Generating leads is one of the main objectives of marketing professionals. In order to ensure that the machinery for generating leads, and consequently income, functions at the highest level, it is necessary, in the first place, to know very well how the mechanics of contact generation work and then apply a series of techniques that contribute to its increase. I explain it to you in this post!

The lead generation process

Before starting, I recommend doing a review of what a lead is and what its characteristics are.

Entering already in matter, the mechanics of generation of contacts consists of four basic elements:

  1. An offer: it is a piece of perceived content of high value to the user, for example: guides, eBooks, manuals, templates, checklists, success stories, tests, calculators, free consultations, product demonstrations, etc.
  2. Call to action (CTA, for its acronym in English): is a text, image or button that links directly to the landing page or landing page in which users will find information about the offer and can download it.
  3. Landing page: is the web page that contains information about a particular offer and a form to download it.
  4. Form: used to collect the data of a user (name, postal address, email, position in the company, etc.) in exchange for a downloadable offer.

In which channels can we generate leads?

Online collection channels

In the digital field we have a good number of media and techniques for generating leads.

Content creation

The content marketing is to prepare and publish valuable content that are of interest to your target audience and to make progress in their buying process to purchasing the product or service of the company.

This is a good method to generate leads because it provides added value. The operation is as follows: through the contents of a blog and traffic attraction techniques (SEO, SEM, social networks …), users are attracted to the website of the company. Once there, these users will find offers related to content and more complete, which can be downloaded in exchange for leaving some of their data.

In this way, these anonymous visitors will become part of the company’s database.

Actions in social networks

Here you can take advantage and share the content made in the blog or other media, and thus reach a wider audience.

You can also do it with downloadable content to direct users to landing pages where they can access offers in exchange for their data.

In social networks you can also choose to share more interactive content that will increase your capitation of leads, some ideas are: tests, calculators, surveys …

Capture through videos

In recent times, we are seeing how video has become one of the main tools in a digital marketing strategy. Users are increasingly adept at this format and we can take advantage of it to get contacts.

One strategy you can propose is to collect the material that is covered in the video itself, as well as complementary material that may be of interest to the user and offer it to them when watching the video. In this way, you can have all the information collected and you will have captured a new lead. How about?

Collaboration with related portals

And if you look for other pages and portals that are related to yours, with complementary services or products that may be of interest to your readers? It is necessary to choose companies that are very aligned to ours, in this way, the collaboration will make much more sense and work much better.

Once you have detected these portals, you can collaborate with them to publish contents of your company that allow you to capture leads or to cross-send downloaded content. That is, your company will send downloadable content from the collaborating company and they will do the same. In this way, it will be easy to get qualified leads for your database.

Payment ads

The paid advertising is one of the strategies that has the best conversion ratio, provided that you plan and plan the campaign well. With the insertion of ads in search engines you can direct advertising to your potential customers who are interested in obtaining information about a specific service or product, thus facilitating the generation of leads.

The main platform used in SEM campaigns is Google AdWords. The variety of types of ads offered by this search engine makes any company find an answer to their advertising needs.

The possibilities offered by Google go beyond the search engines, also offering campaigns in product files, campaigns in a local area … And this makes the scope not only greater, but aimed at your target audience, achieving a greater impact which generates any other technique.

Another option is to bet on advertising on social networks (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads …), channels that also allow a high segmentation and with which you can increase your volume of leads.

Offline capture channels

Increasingly, companies are betting on digital techniques and recruitment through online channels. However, there are numerous offline techniques that can help you capture leads and, thus, increase your database. All you have to do is select which ones are best suited for your business. Here is the first step!

Mass media (television, radio, newspapers, etc.)

If your company has considered using any of these means in its marketing strategy, it would be interesting to use a CTA or claim that is indicated in the advertisement, and that allows you to capture contacts. The options that work best are the following:

  • Explain that there is a discount code, promotion or contest, if you leave the information you request.
  • Explain that you have content that may interest them, for example, a PDF guide that talks about a problem they are concerned about or a topic they are passionate about. We call this inboundization, since it consists of taking advantage of an advertisement offering; in return, content that is of interest to the public.


The generation of contacts in fairs and congresses can be very effective. This type of event offers you the possibility to meet people who are really interested in your company and your sector.

Take the opportunity to collect your data and find out what worries you, what your problems are and how you can help them. In this case, it is essential to relate and have support from the team to cover all points of interest.

Street marketing

This technique consists of promoting your products or services in a public space. For this strategy to work well it is essential to define very well the day and place in which it will take place.

The first point to keep in mind is to define your target audience very well, to know who they are, their tastes and what activities they carry out in their day to day. This will help you determine the location and time that makes the most sense and where you can capture a larger volume of people interested in your campaign.

You can take advantage of this type of actions to get some data from people who come to know your product. It is a good method for these to be leads of your company.

Traditional mail

A last technique that today seems forgotten is the traditional mail. For a mail campaign to have effect and allow you to capture contacts, my recommendation is to do some original action and not just send an advertising brochure.

Through the mail you can notify of an interesting event by offering a special code, a new content or inform of the existence of your blog. And, thus, refer the user to the indicated web page where he can leave his data in exchange for the advertised offer.

In short, what we wanted to show you is that there are many channels for capturing leads, but it is you who must decide which one works best in each of the campaigns you create.

Selecting which one or which ones you are going to use is vital to maximize the cost-benefit ratio and obtain the highest number of leads, and that these are as qualified as possible.

Tips to generate more leads

To increase the number of contacts, there are several strategies that act on the components described above, in order to optimize the entire process. Which of the following do you already know?

Offers: how to make them irresistible

  • Create impressive and eye-catching titles.
  • Limit offers in time and quantity.
  • Create different offers for the different stages of purchase.
  • Avoid using an excessively corporate language of the type: “innovative”, “pioneer”, “the best of its kind”, etc.
  • Offer quality content that offers added value to the user: eBooks, whitepapers, webinars, videos on demand, etc.

CTA: Maximize your visibility

  • Place the call to action in a very visible place.
  • Use contrasted colors so that they stand out as much as possible.
  • Link the CTA with a customized landing page.
  • Test different CTA formats using A / B tests to see which works best.

Landing Pages: Leverage your conversion power

  • Design attractive pages with all their elements easily locatable and in the right location.
  • Once the user arrives at the landing page, delete the main navigation in order to make it easier to stay and end up providing their data.
  • Match the title of the landing page with its corresponding CTA.
  • Emphasize the benefits of the offer.
  • Explain to the user all the benefits that you will get if you download the content of the page or access the offer.

Forms: tricks for optimization

  • Ask only the basic and necessary data to avoid long forms.
  • Encourage and facilitate the user to fill in the form with a good offer and a striking button.
  • Distribute the form in a way that seems shorter. For example, you can request two fields in the same row.
  • Add messages that guarantee the privacy and security of the user. This is especially important considering the changes in the GDPR.