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Why is Gastronomic Marketing established as a decisive factor for the success of a Restaurant? What are the benefits of being included in social networks? How does one strategy of Gastronomic Marketing differ from others? Do not worry, in this post we show you a small basic guide to reveal what this matter is about.

But before talking about why this type of marketing strategy is so important for a restaurant, we must consider that 80% of users, before going to a restaurant for the first time, turn to the Internet to know the ratings and opinions of Other users.

But what is Gastronomic Marketing?

Although the digital world has clearly settled in our society, and especially in areas such as restoration. There are still many restaurants that remain nationalized in the belief that such practices will not be beneficial to their business model.

Error. Gastronomic marketing offers greater advantages than some of the strategies that we had known years ago. It is aimed at a very defined target audience, so it is much easier to reach the audience you are looking for.

In addition, it has the peculiarity of seeking an emotional impact. It does not focus on selling a product or merchandise, but on “surprising” by conveying a message full of values, culture and experiences. It is to execute a series of techniques and actions aimed at “remaining in the minds of customers when they decide to go out to eat”

The “Neuromarketing” has shown that, the decisions taken by customers of a restaurant, from the moment they select it until they cross the exit door, were realized unconsciously.

This is an indicator of the main aspects in which a gastronomic marketing strategy should focus. Specifically, why does someone come for the first time or decide to return to a particular restaurant?

The answer is quite simple: it is motivated by impulses related to memory, such as past experiences, memories of an advertising spot on YouTube, the image of the dishes you saw on Instagram.

Keys to a #top strategy

Identify the Target

Prior to launching a campaign, scrupulous segmentation of the target audience must always be carried out. Determining: what you offer, what are the essential attributes of your gastronomic services and who do you think they could satisfy. Analyzing data like this, you will identify your potential customers.


If we talk about appealing to the senses and emotions to retain consumers, without a doubt, a very effective technique is storytelling.

“Tell the story” of the dishes you serve, or the one behind your restaurant. This generates a very particular connection with users. Storytelling can quickly modify pre-concepts that could have been forged on indistinct brands.


Associating a brand with another, participating in events or collaborating interactively with influencers and bloggers in the sector, is an excellent tactic to generate engagement.

These types of actions, manage to exalt shared values ​​and criteria, beyond the specific function of a restaurant.

Web and Blog

An updated and well positioned website is an indispensable requirement. In it a user can find all the information about the restaurant such as details of the menu, contact channels, reservations or distinctive values ​​of your company.

Its adequate visualization will depend on the quality regarding design and content. It should be optimized, including copywriting as part of an integrated SEO strategy that is consistent with the search engine premises.

Also, a blog is a great way of communication and interaction with users and essential for positioning

Social media

That our society lives subject to the use of internet and smartphones is true, but not only to these two aspects. What are the applications or media that you have most frequently consulted on these devices? Exact! Social networks.

Therefore, properly managing social networks is vital to integrate users with the daily life of your restaurant. Make them “participants” by sharing content on the different social media profiles in which your restaurant has a presence.

Email Marketing

As we explained in previous posts, integrating email marketing actions into your online marketing strategy can have great benefits for your brand, especially if it is a restaurant.

Generate your own contact base and send measured emails that are of interest. For example, reminders for special dates, promotions, specific offers or changes to the letter.

Results measurement

Monitoring and comparing results of each of the actions implemented in your strategy is another cardinal condition. There are several techniques to carry it out (Google Analytics, A / B Testing, statistics in Adwords). If they are favorable, continue developing them; otherwise, change them until they are.

Restaurants and Social Media.

What social networks should not be missing?


Undoubtedly, this is the most powerful network in the world. Its bidirectional interaction fosters relationships based on reliability, loyalty to the clientele of a business.

In addition, it supports content in multiple formats and provides very practical tools to companies and individuals such as fan pages, Facebook Live, Analytics, or Facebook Ads, for the creation of promotions.


Clear trend indicator, its purely visual content is optimal for promoting restaurants. Publish photographs and videos in high resolution of outstanding dishes of the menu, complemented by descriptions that, beyond the sensory impact, become an irresistible temptation, can be instituted in the differential key of your success.

It also allows you to launch “promos” simultaneously with your Facebook profile through custom hashtags. With Instagram Stories expose the best of your services, your equipment and the environment or share (hashtags and tags) photographs that customers have taken inside the establishment.


If there was a social network that should not be missing in a gastronomic marketing strategy is TripAdvisor. An absolutely reliable platform regarding valuation and user experience. Its “Certificate of Excellence”, a distinction awarded annually to the most outstanding companies, guarantees a profitable experience.

“El Tenedor” is a website (belonging to TripAdvisor) leader in online reservations in Spain. Total an invaluable guide to gastronomic trends. For example: Top rated restaurants in the area, reservations according to preferences and exclusive promotions.

Google My Business

How many times has it happened to you that you have not known how to get to a new restaurant? With the Google My Business listings, users can find this type of information quickly and easily from the search engine. Having a presence on Google Maps, not only brings this advantage, but also the positioning of your website within the list of results.

This tool allows you to add labels, business details such as the schedule, letter or booking link, as well as that users can rate it from 1 to 5 stars and leave photos of their visit to your restaurant.