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The question of whether to have a website and / or a Facebook page arises for all artisans and SMEs. Not only the restaurant or the plumber, but also the cook, the food truck, the artisanal soap factory, the hairdresser of the village, and so on. Yes, we count among our dear customers two cooks, a food truck, an artisanal soap factory. But not yet a hairdresser … Notice to the amateurs.

Why, but why should my SME be on Facebook?

The Yellow Pages was before . Today, Google is the most used website when searching for information, and Google can reference you at the top of its results. An SME Facebook page can help you get into these results. Because it generates social signals of influence, towards your Internet site, in particular.

The opinions of your friends make your quotes . Word of mouth is also digital, and often it’s on Facebook that it spreads. How many friends have not published on their profile “A plumber, an electrician around the 11th in Paris? It’s urgent. MP if you have a good pipe! “.

The uber handymen, they are on Facebook . There are more private service sites such as AlloVoisins or ManoMano, where jockeying DIY enthusiasts whose job is not the same, or even the competence. If they take the time to sell on Facebook, why not you, which is the main livelihood? Any commercial activity involves marketing and marketing efforts.

Your customers know everything. And you ? In this era where any consumer is bombarded with information and has access to all sources, more or less correct, to compare offers, make a purchase decision and have an opinion on providers, it is essential that you know as much as he does about what is said about you, about what makes his opinion, his preference. You must be at least as well informed armed as your customers.

Facebook is the supermarket’s fresh aisle

Be careful, do not rush illico on Facebook to create a profile – already, create a page for your company: profiles, it’s for individuals. It will take a minimum think what we will say, the animation of your page. Because Facebook is like a refrigerator, or like the shelf of your supermarket: you have to store, clean, restock and above all, you have to keep cool.