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Facebook’s advertising tools are getting a facelift with the aim of creating, managing and analyzing their advertising campaigns more quickly. Here is a small summary of the updates to come! in Facebook Ads, Business Manager and Ads manager are evolving.

The ad manager: an intuitive interface and new features

Facebook will develop its advertising management tool: designed to facilitate its use by experts, this new interface is also an opportunity to offer new features.

A redesigned design, reorganized navigation between the various modules, and a more efficient campaign management method are the areas of development favored by the American advertising platform.

Design and navigation

Keen to improve the readability of its tools, Facebook is betting on purifying its interface and bringing more simplicity and intuitiveness: simplified navigation functions (e.g., new search bar), a more sober design and a new organization of campaigns allowing web marketing experts to manage and analyze the performance of their campaigns more quickly.

As you can see, all these improvements will certainly make the browsing experience more readable, faster and more enjoyable on Facebook Ads!

Campaign management

The new campaign management method promises us even more simplicity and efficiency. New features include, for example, the ability to copy / paste campaigns, a real time saver and flexibility in the management of Facebook Ads campaigns.

Facebook Business Manager: for optimal campaign management

The new update is scheduled “for later this year” according to Facebook. The idea is to develop and improve the management of different advertising accounts from the Facebook Business Manager interface. Among other things, it will make it possible to manage campaigns more quickly and easily.

Let it be said, Facebook Ads is starting an overhaul of its advertising tools, so change is expected in the coming months.