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Facebook announced in March the removal of the single Facebook Ads relevance indicator in favor of three new indicators. These will allow a more detailed analysis of the results of each ad published on the social network. We are showing you today how you boost your campaigns.

Until now, as soon as an ad exceeded 500 impressions, the relevance index evaluated reactions to the ad and gave it a score between 1 and 10. The higher the score, the more we could consider the ad. resonated well with the target audience.

A lack of precision with the old indicator

Until now, the indicator has been calculated based on the following data:

  • The overall performance of the ad, depending on the chosen objective
  • Positive feedback: interactions, likes, comments, shares …
  • Negative feedback: number of advertisements hidden by users

Despite its unquestionable interest, this indicator only gave an estimate of the quality of the ads, and therefore did not provide sufficient reliability to optimize the campaigns.

How do you measure the performance of your ads today?

Thanks to the new indicators, Facebook offers us the possibility of more precisely analyzing the interactions between an ad and a target audience. This analysis will now be composed of three distinct indicators:

  • Quality ranking: the perceived quality of an ad compared to competing for ads with the same audience targeting.
  • Interaction ranking: the estimated interaction rate (CTR) of an ad compared to other ads targeting the same audience.
  • Ranking by conversion rate: the estimated conversion rate of an ad compared to other ads targeting the same audience and having the same campaign objective.

Facebook is constantly evolving to bring more relevance to advertisers, by allowing relevant and non-intrusive targeting. The goal? Offer users appropriate and qualitative content!

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