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On many occasions, when we get down to work and prepare the perfect strategy for our digital marketing plan, we leave aside the visual to focus on the theme and content. But what if I tell you that visual marketing should be one of the pillars of your company?

From the beginning, your business will generate an image that will accompany you throughout your life. It can change, evolve … but it will always be there. That image that every business is part of visual marketing. Do you begin to understand already why we say it is so important?

The content par excellence on the Internet is purely visual, many studies have already shown. People remember 80% of what we see and only 20% of what we read.

But what is visual marketing?

Visual marketing is capable of impacting your audience much more than a text and will help you convey the message you want to give much faster.

What elements can I use in my visual marketing strategy?

I will not stop to explain why visual marketing is so important. So take paper and pencil (or keyboard and mouse) and write down all the elements that you can use in your marketing strategy.

  1. Images

It is clear that when you think of visual elements, the first thing that comes to mind is the images. And it is proven that the articles that contain images receive more visits.

An image is easy to achieve and with a little ingenuity or a good graphic designer, you can create spectacular images. Creative’s that will help you strengthen your brand. Design images that contain short, catchy messages that facilitate recall. You must also use the colors related to your brand, it is a very easy way to generate memories to the users who will see them.

But not everything in visual marketing is images in the form of a banner. If you want to be even more creative you can bet on sets of images, with designs that draw attention, using different cameras and objectives in a myriad of creative’s.

  1. Videos

Video is now the king of visual marketing. And that’s not what I say, the statistics say. The publications with videos are 3 times more shared than the rest. Videos are very dynamic tools. It will give you the possibility to create institutional videos and informal videos or camera in hand. As if it were a selfie, you can start recording and tell your audience what you want. Of course, when making a video try not to exceed two minutes in length.

Many are the brands that have already signed up to the video marketing trend. And is that the video has a great relationship with large social networks. On Instagram, most of his advertising is based on video. Snapchat is another of the networks where visual marketing by excellence are short videos, as well as Facebook and especially YouTube.

  1. Tutorials and montages

Another star option in visual marketing. I’m sure you’ve seen in many social networks as different brands help, with simple videos or photo montages to know how to use products of your brand. It is a great alternative: you connect with your audience, you help them and also your brand stays fixed on the memory.

  1. Gifs

The fun gifts are also a great option in the visual marketig that is something indisputable. It is a mobile image of only a few seconds. These animations are a great tool to boost the positioning of your brand as it can help you greatly increase engagement.

They are very easy to locate on networks such as Facebook or Twitter and on numerous blogs. Many brands already use them and there are also many banks where you can buy them for free, like Giphy.

  1. Memes

Another recurring option in visual marketing. Although at first it seemed that it could harm some brand or product, the memes came to stay and they are great to share on social networks and do not need crack design to make one. Of course, to make a meme those triumphs must be current and it is vital to know the fashion trends.

  1. Live videos

I have already commented on other occasions, live broadcasts are fashionable and especially among brands. Today, visual marketing is essential. Many are the networks that have an application to perform them, be it Periscope on Twitter or Facebook Live on Facebook. Be that as it may, live broadcasts are triumphant and almost obligatory.

  1. Infographics

The infographics have great success in social networks, especially in Pinterest. It is proven that we read an infographic before a post. In addition there are many tools to make cool infographics without having a great knowledge of design. So, if your brand or product can be expressed through an infographic, do not hesitate, join this option within visual marketing.

Visual marketing does not stop growing.

The use of visual elements on the Internet does not stop growing. More and more people have less time and use the mobile much more. We are subject to large doses of information, on the street, by social networks and this makes it increasingly difficult to get the attention of a user. That’s why visual marketing is increasingly used. Visual marketing means that with few words and with an attractive content you can draw attention to users that with another form you would never get.

And you, do you use visual marketing for your campaigns? Surely, tell me your experience in the comments!