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Content marketing continues to be consolidated as an essential strategy to connect with the user, raise the positioning, visibility and reach of a brand. And, the contents have become indispensable elements in any marketing strategy, especially for its incredible benefits. Therefore, when designing a Content Marketing strategy, it is important to take into account a number of aspects, specifically, SEO points. In this way, better results are achieved. So in this post we tell you what aspects of SEO to consider.

SEO Positioning: Essential elements in content marketing

The combination of SEO and Content Marketing opens a panorama of opportunities for brands. Therefore, it is essential that you take into account the following web positioning factors:


A Content Marketing strategy must be based on the correct keywords so that the information is effectively positioned AND, of course, is consumed by the target audience of the brand. Even, according to a study shared by the Marketo platform, it is best to vary the keywords in the contents, using main and other related variants.

Content Segmentation

Your target audience shares a specific need or problem, but not everyone is interested in the same content. Therefore, it is relevant that you effectively segment the information to be disseminated through the strategies, considering the profile of who will receive it. The idea is that you adapt to their interests.

In addition to considering the profile, it is also essential that you consider the basic standards of the media to be used. For example, Twitter only has a few characters, on Facebook you can find more varied information, on Pinterest the contents are associated more with decoration, fashion and beauty.

This is the case with the rest of the social networks; therefore, it is important to also segment the contents according to the community of each media outlet.

Content Length

Fortunately, Content Marketing brings together a wide variety of formats, each of them adapts to a type of message that you want to share, and supports a certain extension. An essential SEO requirement to consider is the length of the contents in relation to the selected format.

For example, when it comes to blog articles, the recommended average is between 500 and 750 words. It is what the user consumes, however, according to the subject it could be extended a little more, without overwhelming. Now, when it comes to videos, the first 3 minutes are the ones that really catch the user’s attention. Therefore, if possible, do not exceed that time to get your interest. Ebooks support a larger extension, so if you have enough valuable content, you could promote your sales with a digital book.

No to plagiarism

“Content is king”, “Content gives value”, do you hear some of these phrases? They are iconic statements of Content Marketing to make reference to how important it is to share substantial, but authentic information about a given topic.

Search engines sanction duplicate content, sometimes they notify you, and sometimes they don’t. However, not positioning yourself in the first results is more than enough to let you know that something is not right on your website. Therefore, appeals for creativity and innovation. If you want to nourish yourself with other sources, do it! But do not copy the content of another website; you will end up chasing your audience.

Quality and validity

 With how fast the technology advances, the information you shared a couple of months ago may be outdated today. So, deliver quality and validity in each of your content. In this way, you attract even more attention and keep it loyal. Keep in mind that a quality, authentic and creative production will help you retain the attention of your readers. In addition, it also allows you to distinguish yourself in different search engines.

Internal linking

It is ideal to increase the permanence in your website, which translates into higher levels of page views. To do this, it includes links within the content to communicate to the user what other related texts he can get. This is a great way to increase your SEO positioning. While you qualify as a good prospect in the face of search engines.