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Email marketing is one of the best marketing campaigns. In fact, it has been proven that it has the highest ROI (Return on Investment) of all digital marketing channels. So it is a mandatory YES that you must implement in your brand. But do you know what the best practices of email marketing are? And most importantly, do you know the ideal way to apply them? Neglect, both unknowns are going to address them in this note. So keep reading!

Email marketing best practices, and how to apply them

Email marketing is a strategy that feeds, educates and sells. So it is complete enough to give your company the essential benefits to secure a place in the digital environment. Let’s see through which practices you can achieve this last result:

Zero spam actions

If the email services detect your message as “spam”, you are far from being considered a reliable brand. Avoid it! Spam filters value certain parameters in an email to be considered as “spam.”

So avoid using terms that turn on the spam filter alarm, such as “free, guaranteed, and exceptional.” Nothing red to highlight persuasive phrases, do not abuse the density of your keywords, do not include attachments and, most importantly, add the “unsubscribe” option.

And, of course, it has an email delivery schedule based on the consumption habits of your users. The recommended average is no more than 2 emails per week, and always with valuable and consumable content. Therefore, this is one of the best practices of email marketing.

Segmentation and customization

For users, there is nothing more unpleasant than receiving an email that says “Hello, Dear.” And, furthermore, promote you orthopedic shoes (to name an example) when you don’t need them.

Here is the importance of segmenting and customizing every action undertaken with your target audience, one of the best practices of email marketing. And it is that they are 2 mandatory tasks to reach the most qualified public. In addition, this considerably reduces the number of recipients, giving you the opportunity to generate a closer and personal deal with your most potential users.

So segment accurately, you cannot treat all your users as if they were at the same stage of the purchase process, to tell you. To those who are just starting to search for information, share the content they need. And, who are already ready to make the final decision, persuade them in your favor.

Responsive Design

At this point, responsive design should be considered the basis of an email marketing strategy. However, there are still brands that promote their campaigns without previously adapting them to different mobile devices. What’s the score? Users do not view the information correctly and therefore ignore the mail.

So make sure that all your emails can be seen “perfectly” on all devices. Be it a desktop computer, Smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. The best way to confirm that you are really using a responsive template is to send a test email to your device.

And, remember, beyond simple design, you should also consider that the information provided is displayed correctly. That is, the issue on mobile devices must be shorter, the images and action buttons must be more attractive, but genuine at the same time: not overload with their integration.


Among the best practices of email marketing it is impossible to leave out the relevance of the content … the message to be delivered to the database. Although it may seem like an obvious step, you should not let the rush or excitement of connecting with your users take time to corroborate each line provided in the emails.

Keep in mind that there are email marketing tools that allow you to have a preview about how the email you intend to send will look and work. Take advantage of them! This will help you to verify that the content is written correctly, and that the images load properly. As well as all the buttons are functional and attractive at the same time.

Short and direct messages

Have you heard that less is more? This phrase fits perfectly in the marketing industry; therefore, it is one of the best practices of email marketing. Put yourself in the place of a user, what types of emails would you like to receive? Of value, visually appealing, practical and, above all, precious and brief, right? This is the magic formula to catch the attention of your target audience quickly.

Do not delve into unimportant content. Give a small and persuasive introduction, and then tell the user what action you want him to take.

Openings and clicks

How often do you check the opening and click rates of your campaigns? Consider that by tracking this information, you can know how your users have interacted with the content of your email marketing campaign. In turn, with this data you can make the best decisions about the optimization of your next campaigns.

We reiterate it again, there are email marketing tools that allow you to track this type of information automatically. You can also activate this option before sending the emails, so that you can see in real time, the level of opening and click that your email marketing campaign is having.

Bidirectional communication

Good email marketing is consumable, persuasive, practical and functional. And while it is a mass delivery system, you should always encourage two-way communication. In other words, the messages should encourage subscribers to open email, respond to it and create good feedback.

You get this very easily. It is only a matter of asking your users for an opinion, for example, by asking them relevant questions that invite them to answer. This is definitely the best way to get to know your qualified users better, humanize your brand, forge lasting links, and of course, increase engagement.