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In e-commerce, the basis of any digital marketing loyalty strategy begins with the implementation of acquisition levers, possibly supplemented by a presence on marketplaces. But that’s not enough! In order not to pay twice for the acquisition of a customer, have you considered loyalty?

To increase your turnover, you must think about putting in place a loyalty strategy: if your products are suitable, this is the best way to stop paying your customers twice and be profitable. Because know it, retaining a customer costs 10 times less than going to look for a new one!

Acquisition and retention are equally important, and these marketing campaigns must work together to benefit your business. Our e-commerce experts explain the steps to follow to generate more business!

Today, in this period of health crisis linked to Covid-19, it is more important than ever to adopt the right actions to ensure the sustainability of your e-commerce site.

Our experts have produced a guide for you explaining the levers to put in place in your store to retain your customers and be profitable on digital. Take advantage of it quickly!

Build loyalty: compulsory for e-merchants?

It is loyalty that will allow you to answer the question “how to be profitable on digital” since you will thus stop paying twice for one and the same customer.

But above all, thanks to technological advances, there is no lack of opportunities to continue the conversation with your customers even after their purchase in-store, and thus optimize the relationship you have with them. It would be a shame to do without, especially since a good relationship with a customer is the basis of all loyalty after a purchase!

Why retains customers?

The answer is simple: because they cost you less and are willing to spend more! The proof: the probability of selling to a former customer is between 50 and 70%, while that of selling to a new prospect is only 5 to 20%!

You know, to increase your turnover, it is important to launch acquisition and conversion marketing strategies. But you also know that three feet are necessary for a stool for it to stand upright: this third foot is loyalty! Retain customers and build a long-term, loyal relationship with them if your products lend themselves to it: this is the golden rule of any business, the project that will allow your business to be profitable and stand out from your competitors. competitors.

However, when companies are questioned, it appears that only 17% of them focus on loyalty after a sale, against … 44% for acquisition. A shocking gap, especially when we know that launching an E-commerce loyalty strategy is a strong competitive advantage.

Because yes, by showing your customers that you are always there, close to them, you save money. But your business also builds up a pool of loyal customers, who will be better able to buy regularly from you, or for larger amounts than new customers.

Acquisition and loyalty: what digital levers to support them?

To support your development, you must put in place a performance-oriented acquisition strategy that will combine the power of the web and the physical point of sale (store) to increase your turnover. The focal point of this plan? Promote conversions (the act of purchase) directly from your website and think mobile first!

To increase your product sales, the experts from our digital agency particularly recommend that you activate the development levers according to the following plan:

  • Ergonomics: your site must be functional, attractive and easy to use in order to promote Internet user navigation throughout the customer journey and the product’s basketing. Also, analyze your conversion funnel in order to discover possible points of friction, and be able to remedy them. Finally, be aware that one in two users abandons their search if a mobile site takes more than 3 seconds to load: your site must therefore load quickly!
  • Natural referencing (SEO): being well visible on the Internet is essential, and you must work on the natural referencing (SEO) of your website at the same time as the other levers to increase your traffic. Also remember to offer quality content to your visitors, especially through blog articles, but also on product pages. It is a central line of action!
  • Paid SEO (SEA):  this involves positioning your website on the first page of Google by means of paid ads. When Internet users search for a product by entering a keyword, they can come across your results directly! Google Shopping, in particular, allows you to distribute your entire offer (products and prices) very easily.
  • Customer data: by collecting data on your current and future customers (prospects), whatever the channel, you can better inform the management of your paid referencing campaigns and therefore increase their quality. Collecting and processing data (in compliance with the GDPR) are ways of creating value for customers and for the company.
  • Branding: thanks to quality content and marketing campaigns, it allows you to work on your image and the notoriety of your company so that your brand or your products are the ones that immediately come to the mind of customers when they are looking for the solution to a need.
  • Social networks: they are the ones who will strengthen the previous levers by consolidating the relationship with your customers. You will be able to make them ambassadors of your brand on your networks, ready to promote your products by giving their opinion, helping others, etc. In short, the development and strengthening of your brand image go through an E-commerce loyalty strategy!