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E-merchants, to increase your turnover, have you implemented a loyalty strategy? If your products are suitable, know that this is the best way to establish your profitability, since you will stop paying a customer twice!

A small number to begin with: did you know that retaining a customer costs 10 times less than going for a new one? And yes! We don’t always think about it, but a good digital strategy must include both acquisition and loyalty levers.

Even more important, the operation of these levers must be done in synergy, for multiplied results.

Building customer loyalty in 5 simple steps

1- Know your customers

It’s very simple, you cannot retain your customers if you do not know them. Knowing your customers starts with setting up a Single Customer Repository (RCU), which will allow you to personalize your offers and content, while offering you a unified view of each customer.

To offer your customers a unique brand experience and make them want to come through you again and buy a product on your website, you must collect data on their journey (in compliance with the GDPR of course): preferences of purchases and products, consumption habits, demographic data …

The collected data is then reconciled in a data warehouse, where it is structured, cleansed, deduplicated and consolidated to allow you to have a comprehensive and consistent view of your customers This is called having a 360ยบ vision! It is from this structured data that you will be able to work on customer knowledge, predict and anticipate their needs and therefore optimize their journey.

Knowing this data will allow you to disseminate the right offer, to the right customer at the right time, and above all to send your visitors a completely personalized communication in order to retain them and engage them in more sales.

2- Set up a relationship program

As you can see, a unique customer experience is an excellent vector of loyalty. Since your client has had an exceptional experience with you, why would they go to a competitor?

You need to put in place a quality communication plan. Indeed, by sending each person relevant and adequate content, whatever the medium, you will be able to make your brand / customer relationship sustainable. For this, you will be able to use multiple media (personalized e-mailing, SMS, mobile notifications, site personalization …), always making sure to use the most suitable channel according to the type of communication and your preferences. customer.

Setting up a relationship project is an activity that will allow you to generate more business on your pages. Most importantly, you set yourself apart from your competition with exceptional communication and brand experience. This is the best way, for Internet users, to no longer base the purchase decision solely on the price (rational aspect), but rather on an emotional aspect induced by your quality communication.

3- Listen to your customers … and respond to them

Customer reviews are often the bane of brands, who abandon them thinking they are useless, or worse, would like to be able to eliminate the negatives. However, 59% of consumers believe that customer reviews are as reliable as recommendations from their friends! It is therefore essential that you have a comprehensive view of what is being said about you and your products.

In addition, by responding respectfully to reviews, both positive and negative, you maintain your online reputation. Because yes, responding to customer reviews and offering solutions to those who are unhappy is a way of showing your responsiveness and what makes your brand values.

๐Ÿ”Ž Also know that there are solutions allowing you to monitor all the information of your different points of sale, to follow all the opinions left on different platforms and to respond to them.

4- Ensure the veracity of your information

Be aware that 3 out of 10 customers who have consulted incorrect data about a point of sale are lost customers. Remember to regularly update your address, photos and opening hours on Google my Business as well as the other directories in which you appear. Even if your customers are loyal to you, avoid making them come around thinking that you are open … and find the door closed!

5- Bet on phygital to retain your customers

The classic loyalty card still has all its meaning, it’s true, but it is nevertheless undergoing a revolution. With the GDPR, your consumers are more attentive to the use of their data. In exchange for these, of course, they want to be notified of your promotions at a minimum but above all they want unique offers. This is even more true if they are loyal customers, whether they have made their purchases online or in store! We advise you to set up a dematerialized loyalty card, which makes the link between physical and digital point of sale. And for communicating with customers, all channels are good (telephone, email, paper invitation, social networks, etc.), as long as you don’t over-solicit and that the messages are adapted and personalized.