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On Google AdWords, there are several levers to optimize your search campaigns. Today we are talking about the Customer Match. As a web marketing expert in Rennes, I present to you how it works and its advantages.

What is Customer Match?

Customer Match, also known as customer list targeting, is a Google feature that allows you to create a specific audience on AdWords from your corporate CRM data.

Three types of data can be used for this purpose:

  • The email addresses of your prospects/customers
  • Their phone numbers
  • Their postal addresses

Google is able to make the connection between this data and the people having a Google account and being connected to it when they carry out their research on its site. Customer Match can also be used for your YouTube and Gmail campaigns.

The prerequisites of the customer match

The only prerequisite to being able to activate Customer Match on your AdWords campaign is to have a database of at least 1000 people.

Encryption and protection of user data

When using Customer Match for your campaigns, Google guarantees the confidentiality and security of your data on the same principle as the protection of its own users.

In which situations can you use the Customer Match?

A personalized message for prospects in your database

The integration of Customer Match in your sponsored links campaigns on AdWords allows you to create specific campaigns, dedicated only to the audience of Internet users of your CRM and to which you will send a personalized message.

For example, you can create a welcome offer campaign (the message of which will be personalized within your AdWords ad) for Internet users recently registered on your website and who you want to convert by offering them an offer reserved for new members.

Promote the visibility of your ads to Internet users in your CRM

On the same principle as for remarketing audiences, it is possible to place a higher bid on Internet users who are part of the Customer Match AdWords audience, then promote the distribution of your ads to the people concerned.

exclude distribution to your prospects/customers already in the database

This feature can be used the other way around, i.e., to exclude contacts that are already part of your customer database. Thus, you distribute your ads only to new Internet users in active search and who do not yet know you. This allows you to increase your brand awareness among new potential customers.

Widen the distribution of your YouTube and Gmail ads to a qualified target

Thanks to CRM, Google is able to use your customer data to serve your YouTube or Gmail ads. It targets Internet users considered to be similar and not part of your database to broaden your distribution to new prospects.