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Set up the zones and shipping costs in Woocommerce is a fundamental step in the development of all eCommerce .

If you sell physical products, you need to first establish the different shipping zones and then specify the shipping method (s) and their costs.

In this article you will learn:

  • What are Woocommerce shipping zones?
  • Create shipping zones and set prices
  • The 3 default shipping methods in Woocomerce and how to configure them

What are the shipping areas in Woocommerce?

A shipping area is a geographical area where we can specify one or more shipping methods for our products.

We can create general areas (such as continents or countries) to more personalized areas (specifying names of cities, postal codes or specific rules).

Step Nº1

To configure everything related to shipping costs, go to the WordPress admin panel-> Woocommerce -> Settings

Advantages of Creating Your Online Store with Woo Commerce

Step 1: Create shipping zones

  • Go to the “Shipping” tab
  • Click on the “Add shipping area” button
  • Complete the corresponding fields: Name of the area
  • Define the region of the zone (Segment according to the drop-down menu or add the postal codes “
  • Shipping methods : Once the area is delimited we must specify the shipping method (s): the same can be fixed price, shipping
  • free and local pickup.

WooCommerce has 3 default shipping methods:

  • Fixed price
  • Free shipping
  • Pick up at the local

Fixed price

Where you simply define the name and price of the shipment. You can create multiple rates such as “Standard” – Fixed price – USD 8.00 “Express” – Fixed price – USD9.00

free shipping

Free shipping can be applied in several options:

  1. N / A or N / A: Not available.
  2. A valid free shipping coupon: A coupon must be created with the free shipping box.
  3. A minimum order quantity: The minimum amount must be specified in the “Minimum order quantity” field.
  4. A minimum order quantity OR coupon: The user must exceed an amount or enter a coupon with free shipping.
  5. A minimum amount of order AND coupon: The user must submit both options to access the free shipping: a minimum amount and the coupon.

Pick up / Pick up at the store

  1. Title: The name that will receive the type of shipment in the checkout of the online store. In case of having more a shipping method for the same shipping area, the user will be able to select between the different options.
  2. Tax status: Are taxes applied to the cost of the shipping method?
  3. Cost: In case local collection has some extra cost we can specify it in this field.

Once all the values ​​have been loaded, click on the “Save changes” button to register the new shipping area for our online store.