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In an increasingly digitalized and global marketplace, not having an online presence through such a ductile and productive medium as a corporate blog means a potential disadvantage, wherever you look at it. And, if you have one, neglecting the importance of creating content of interest on a regular basis and indirect relationship with your readers, is nothing less than another fatal mistake.

Importance of a corporate blog

But why is it so important to have a blog on our website? For these four reasons mainly:

More than half of Internet users are blog readers.

Every company that has a corporate blog generates a percentage greater than 50% of visits to its website, unlike those that do not.

The positive appreciations about a particular brand are much greater after users have received specialized information through the blog.

Improve the SEO positioning of the brand in search engines.

A corporate blog must and must be a resource that adds value to a brand. The content strategy should always be planned with the user in mind, in order to provide content that meets their expectations or needs. Only then will your loyalty be possible and that our brand occupies a place in your mind.

The content is the value

The fact of creating content of interest or value significantly increases the chances that, whoever arrives at your website after visiting the blog, decides if you are truly worthy of their trust and fidelity. For this to happen, it is also necessary that all your actions are consistent and aimed at transmitting the same image of your brand.

Another advantage of generating valuable content for Internet users, is that a website hardly manages to get natural external links in the same way as a blog. It doesn’t matter here if it belongs to an eCommerce, SME or NGO. If the content is of quality you will get backlinks on your own merit. Action that positively impacts search engines such as Google, which prioritize new, updated and interesting content.

It is increasingly important that the content of a blog is fundamentally distinctive, useful and shareable. Although it is necessary to diversify, the theme of your blog should be the one that allows you to position yourself as “the best” in something. You can achieve this by demonstrating that the reader has reached the right place to obtain knowledge and answers that he might be looking for in a specific need or problem. It’s about being experts in a subject.

10 Steps to follow to create content of interest

Before getting down to work in the construction of your blog, it is essential that you have very clear these factors:

Define what your field of action or niche is. How broad and novel is the information and knowledge you have about this particular area?

Identify your goals or purposes of your brand. How can they improve the quality of life of users?

Establish your target audience based on differential aspects. Who are you going to direct the publications to? What are the characteristics of your blog visitors?

Once this data is collected, begin to carefully elaborate the content of your corporate blog. But always according to the results of the analysis you just considered.

1 # Customize your values ​​and transmit them positively.

In any type of communication, transmitting the qualities that differentiate you enhances a constant, faithful and lasting interaction with others. Expose your values ​​in a warm, professional and attractive way.

2 # Adapt the content to your audience.

Don’t focus on just a few, on the contrary. Adapt the contents of your blog to each of your audiences, diversifying the publications in order to make them interesting for all of them.

3 # Implements internal and external links of optimum quality.

Enrich each entry with links to other articles in your blog or high-quality external pages. This is an elementary tactic not only to position in search engines, but also to optimize the excellence of your content.

4 # Prevent your blog from becoming a showcase of promotions.

Although it is still practiced by some companies, a blog is more than a showcase of your promotions. It is a place to share all the news, relevant information about your services or additional content that the user can access whenever they are needed. Remember, you must position yourself as an expert.

5 # Use content in various formats.

Add downloadable files, interactive or multimedia content to the entries. It encourages the reading experience to be, in addition to enriching, entertaining. Take advantage, also, the facilities that a blog gives you to share this material on social networks.

6 # Be consistent and enthusiastic.

Posting irregularly or a lot of initial content and then dropping out is one of the worst mistakes you can make (and one of the most frequent). Create a schedule and be completely faithful to it.

7 # Interact fluently.

One of the main advantages of the blog is precisely its versatility of interaction with the reader. Encourage users to participate in your posts with comments, for example. This will reinforce your image as a brand and the relationship of fidelity.

8 # Take care of the positioning.

Beyond the plugins for SEO, you can follow some basic rules such as highlighting in bold keywords, simple URLs and easy to remember, link your entry in forums or blogs relevant to your niche … etc.

9 # Use infographics.

This is a visually attractive graphic material with the ability to synthesize concepts and ideas in a simple and colorful way.

10 # Hold a warm style at all times

Users of a corporate blog do not want to sell anything, what they expect, is to reveal tips for using products or services. Testimonials, success stories, anecdotes, useful and additional information that no one else can provide.