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Since April, LinkedIn has been offering a new advertising solution on its network: Lead Gen campaign or lead generation forms.

Behind this enticing title is a new format to optimize the collection of qualified prospects via traditional sponsored content campaigns.

LinkedIn announces an increase in leads generated from x2 to x3 compared to the classic Sponsored Content format!

Why is LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms interesting?

  • LinkedIn is the social network for professionals and therefore an essential platform for a B2B target.
  • By avoiding removing the user from the site or application, the format makes the user experience more homogeneous and saves you the need to create and/or optimize your landing pages.
  • The lead gen format offers the possibility of setting up marketing automation strategies: it is thus possible to send the registered leads directly into your CRM and trigger scenarios according to the prospect (via Driftrock or Zapier)
  • Available on desktop and mobile, the format should soon be integrable in InMail formats
  • Getting qualified leads is essential when setting up a Social Selling strategy

How to implement this format?

There are 3 steps to setting up a Lead Gen ad:

  • Choice of call to action and visual
  • Form configuration
  • Customization of the confirmation page

What data is recoverable by LinkedIn?

The data selected when creating the form are all recoverable:

  • Contact: First name / Last name / Email / Phone number / City / Region / Country / Postal code / Name / Professional e-mail
  • Job: Position / Function / Hierarchical level
  • Company: Name / Size / Sector
  • Education: Diploma / Field of study / University or School / Start date / Date of graduation
  • Additional information (not pre-filled): Gender

This data is perfect for getting a list of leads for your social selling strategy.

How and when to retrieve registered leads?

When a form is filled out by a prospect, it is directly downloadable in Excel format in the interface of the LinkedIn campaign manager.

It is therefore possible to retrieve the data at any time during the LinkedIn Lead Gen campaign to ensure that prospects are processed in the heat of the moment.

The data collected remains accessible for 90 days.