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Brand awareness informs about the presence, vitality of a company and its ability to mark the minds of consumers. It is both a key performance indicator and a strategic goal in its own right. Good brand awareness is also synonymous with economy of effort: to make the cost of marketing campaigns profitable, to generate qualified leads or to increase the conversion rate.

5 Ways to Boost Brand Awareness

Set up a marketing review strategy

In B2C as in B2B, it is estimated that customers are willing to spend 31% more for a product or service from a company that benefits from positive comments online. In brand awareness, consumer content is essential to conquer or keep a place of choice with your targets and prospects. Not only are they the guarantors of your e-reputation plan, but they also have a direct impact on your conversion rate and even the status of your SEO. Ensure the quality of your online customer reviews, their relevance and timeliness, not forgetting to answer if they are mixed or negative.

Collaborate with influencers

Used wisely, influencer marketing can help you develop your brand and aura. It is also necessary to find the right influencers: able to bring quick and perceptible results for your brand equity, but also to assume the role of ambassadors in the long term. For this, we select them on the shutter:

  • With entertaining content that captures the attention
  • With a good capacity for commitment , who create the conversation
  • With values equal to yours, which reassures your targets

Build a brand community

Brand awareness, necessarily brand community, starting with the establishment of campaigns with high potential of consideration and the writing-design of a storytelling adapted to the conversion path or purchase of your targets. Objective: Raise interest, maintain focus and build loyalty by creating a true brand preference. To federate your community, think also of a community animation plan on social networks, respecting the good practices of conversational marketing.

Targeting good user searches

Online, setting up a brand awareness strategy also means ensuring visibility on the search engines. How? By making sure to find the relevant keywords for your site and its contents. To position yourself efficiently and cost-effectively, focus on queries that target the needs of your users and for which you have something to offer.

Equip yourself with a brand center

The brand center is not exclusively reserved for major brands; it is a device now accessible to SMEs and TPE via several tools in SaaS. Its strong point is centralization: it brings together all the data of your brand identity. This keeps you in control of the distribution and updating of your campaign content. The brand center is also a collaborative tool that brings together the different internal users of the brand to increase the cohesion between the marketing and sales teams. Finally, with the brand content, you realize automated of your brand ecosystem.