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Every business needs a database and the best way to create it is through a landing to segment users. There is no doubt that this is one of the best strategies to obtain the necessary information about your clients. But it is essential to work with a solid structure that allows you to achieve it.

The nature or purpose of landing pages is to convert visitors into leads. Therefore, it is perfect for obtaining the data you need to organize your audience. However, this is not as simple a job as it sounds, but it is not impossible either.

According to HubSpot, 68% of B2B companies use these pages to attract new qualified leads. This, in turn, makes it possible to generate a conversion in the future. Now do you understand why it is so important to use your landing to segment users?

Function of a landing page

It is clear that the main function of a conversion landing page is to generate leads, since they represent a great opportunity for your business. But it is not the only one, because only visits are not enough to make your company grow. So, pay attention to the other options a landing page gives you:

  • It turns out to be an excellent channel to start building a closer relationship with the user. This, in turn, increases trust towards your brand, as well as empathy.
  • It allows you to better know the people who visit your page and see your content. In this way, you can determine if it fits with the profile of your buyer persona.
  • It gives your sales team the possibility to contact these potential customers and, in this way, convince them to achieve closing sales.

Benefits of working with a landing page

You have already seen the functions that a landing page has, but you may want to review all the benefits that come with it. It is those positive aspects that will drive you to create or optimize your page.

  • It makes it easier for you to qualify leads through points with the data that is given to each contact according to the actions they take. This way, you can determine if you are ready to make a purchase for your sales team to prioritize.
  • Thanks to the forms you can use your landing to segment users. You will do this through the data provided by it. That is why it is important that you think about the information you will request.
  • It represents a reduction in customer acquisition costs, since you do not have to spend resources or many hours to obtain the data you require. And the best thing is that you know that the person filling the form is because they are really interested.