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The fonts most used by web designers are the ones that are best read. They are also the easiest to enter through our eyes and the ones that best suit our objectives. The use of suitable fonts is essential to achieve a good web design.

The web typography is simply the typeface that we have decided to use on our site for the texts and all the other components of it. In addition to the font itself, the color, format and size must be taken into account, since typography is an essential part of the corporate image and, as such, is capable of awakening a feeling in users who will later associate to your brand unconsciously.

If you are approaching the project of designing your website, it will be very useful to know which fonts are most used by designers and how they implement them so that they are fully integrated with the brand image you want to project.

Web design

Web design allows the website to be infused with the style and personality we are looking for. The need to generate both traffic and conversions through the site forces anyone who wants to build their virtual headquarters to know which fonts are most used by designers to apply them correctly.

A fundamental part of web design is, therefore, typography. We must choose the most suitable for our objectives so that the reading is agile and simple. Something that also directly influences usability and user experience.

Basic principles of using typography on the web

To know the fonts most used by designers, you have to look closely at their work. And when it comes to following their example and applying any type of font, a series of basic aspects must be taken into account.

A.- Easy reading

Easy reading is a must-have mantra. All content on our website must be easily readable. Otherwise, you are not only increasing your bounce rate, but you are hurting your brand reputation.

B.- Hierarchical order

The information always appears hierarchical. Each element of the content (pretitle, title, subtitle, summary, lead, text or exploded-), must go with a different format from the font chosen in the web design, which makes a structured order prevail. This allows at a glance to calibrate what is important because it has been ranked in this way. Legibility is logically favored.

C.- Responsive design

The use of different devices for reading webs makes it essential to make responsive designs, so fonts that allow easy reading should be used, regardless of the device that the user uses to navigate the web.

D.- Personality

To achieve personality on our website at the typography level that allows the user to clearly identify it, it is convenient to define a standard brand guide that contains all the elements of the fonts used by the brand such as the font, size, color or specific font style.

The importance of fonts in web design

Typography is essential in web design. A correct choice of the same improves the design of the page and makes readers feel much more comfortable. An error in the choice will imply negative effects such as confusion and subsequent abandonment of the page.

The fonts most used by designers are always the so-called safe fonts. Safe fonts are safe due to their compatibility with any type of device. Briefly, this term is used to describe a font that is universally installed on all devices. Since they are stored locally, your website should load faster when using a web-safe font. An immediate consequence is that it affects SEO. The reason is that page load speed is one of the factors taken into account when ranking pages in the SERP. It is the Search Engine Results Page or search engine results page, which refers to the results shown by different search engines such as: Google, Bing, and Yahoo, among the most prominent.