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However, a communication adapted to their type of audience in these platforms would improve their results and open new horizons for them. That is why, without any doubt, B2B companies must be in Social Networks.

A large number of B2B companies are still suspicious of Social Networks. Many do not dare to include them in their communication strategies. In many cases this is true because there are doubts about how to measure the real effectiveness of their actions within them. My opinion is that B2B companies must be in Social Networks. Do you want to know why and how to get the most out of them? I explain it to you throughout this post.

Why should B2B companies be in Social Networks?

If you are one of those who think that B2B companies do not need to be in Social Networks, let me give you a piece of information:

In addition, there are several compelling reasons why B2B companies should be in Social Networks:

  • Increase in the notoriety of your brand: potential customers are more likely to buy a product or service if they know it. If you visualize your brand in your feed and receive opinions from friends or people you follow, the visibility of your brand will improve.
  • Improvement of your corporate branding: being in Social Networks will help your B2B business to position itself as an opinion leader. By means of a good content marketing you can generate confidence and give an image of professionalism.
  • Increase in the traffic of your website: including links that redirect to the contents of your website or blog, you will improve the traffic of your website in a simpler way.
  • Humanization of your brand: that your business is in a more social and not so business environment will help your clients to build a more human image of your brand.
  • Improvement in SEO positioning: all the links generated and shared through the networks will improve your SEO positioning. This is very important because buyers tend to rely more on the websites that appear in the first search results.
  • Knowledge of your competition: the safest thing is that you share your competition with your potential clients. Therefore, it is interesting to know what their value content and strategies are. Social Networks will facilitate this task.

3 steps to follow to create a strategy in Social Networks if your company is B2B

That B2B companies should be in Social Networks has been quite clear. The next step is to develop a good social media strategy. If your company is B2B I recommend that you follow these simple steps when preparing it.

  1. Identify your audience very well

Although it may seem like a waste of time, believe me that investing part of it in identifying who your potential customers are will be a great help. It is important that you know what you need and in what way your business can meet your needs. If you do not know which public to go to, it is very likely that your strategy will not work.

The good thing in a B2B business is that your market is much more concentrated. This will help you when developing your Social Networks strategy. In addition, your presence in these gives you the possibility of making very specific segmentations. This will make targeting your target audience much more effective.

  1. Define your goals

The next step you should take is to define what you want to achieve with your presence in Social Networks. Depending on your objectives, the strategy that you will have to follow will be totally different.

However, you should not forget that each social network has its own characteristics. In addition, the use that users make of them is totally different. Therefore, it is important that you know how and for what each of the Social Networks is used. This way you can define your goals correctly in a personalized way for each of them.

  1. Choose the tone of your messages

Now that you know your audience, you know who you should go to and through what channels, the next step is to decide how to do it. That is, you have to make clear what will be the tone with which you are going to address your audience.

You can choose many and varied strategies: make use of a close tone, humor, more serious, institutional … This will influence your type of business, its characteristics and values, as well as the market or sector to which you are heading. That’s why it’s important that you do not skip any of the previous steps if you want to complete the latter successfully.

What social networks should you use?

B2B companies must be in Social Networks but in which of them? When we think of B2B businesses, the first Social Networks that come to mind are LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The truth is that there are many other platforms. All of them can be used to reach a wider audience. The important thing is that before you go to any of them, check if they are appropriate. For this, keep in mind if they can help you reach your goals and if your target audience is present in them.

Next, I’m going to talk about the 4 most recommended Social Networks for B2B companies.


LinkedIn is perhaps the best positioned platform for the presence in Social Networks of B2B businesses. It is logical, let’s not forget that this social network was created to unite companies and professionals from all areas. That’s why on LinkedIn, the probability that a B2B company has to reach its target audience is much higher. In addition, LinkedIn Ads offers the opportunity to reach the real potential customers in a more effective way.

Of course, if you are going to start a Social Media strategy on LinkedIn, remember to take into account the brand image, keywords in the description and of course, participation in groups.


This social network is full of users and company profiles. That’s why it’s important that your B2B business is on this platform. It is, without any doubt, one of the best opportunities to attract new customers.

Twitter presents certain advantages for B2B companies that other social networks do not have. It allows, among other things, a contact with the target audience much faster, constant and effective. In addition, it facilitates and quickens the task of sharing content and generating leads. I recommend you use this social network to share links to your website or blog (which will improve traffic to your site) and to provide customer service.


Facebook is also a social network used by B2B companies. This is because the presence of its target audience is evident and also grows more and more. That’s why I recommend you try to create a company profile on this platform; I assure you that you will find great advantages in it.

The best thing is that you use your company profile on Facebook to share the content generated on your blog, publish videos, images or even news related to your company or sector to which it belongs. It will also allow you to carry out campaigns or calls to action. This will help you generate more leads.


Opening a Youtube channel will allow your business to share audiovisual content. This will help you generate more visits and improve engagement. In this way there will be an improvement in the search engine positioning of your company.

Therefore, if you are a B2B company, getting started in this social network can give you the pull you were waiting for. Yes, I recommend that you use this channel to present your products or services in a much more animated, interactive and creative than on your website or blog.

And you, do you have a B2B company? Have you created a profile in Social Networks for your business? Have you started noticing the results? Tell us your experiences we will be happy to read your comments.