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Many times when we think of the term “Artificial Intelligence” , AI, ideas of robots, futuristic apocalyptic software, among others come to mind; ideas of possibilities not currently available, based on what science fiction films have presented us in recent years.

But what would be our reaction if we realized that AI is already so present in our lives that we have not realized it and that it is so common for us that we do not imagine how it would be without having it.

In fact we have lived for some years with AI in our lives, the use of smart phones has given way to having this technology that helps us almost daily, an example of this is the waze service, which based on historical and current data of traffic behavior offers us different options to move from one point to another in the shortest time possible. Another example is the virtual assistants of our telephones like Siri and Cortana, who can give us restaurant recommendations, find places of interest among others based on criteria that we dictate, like someone who consults another person.

But how can my business take advantage of AI?

It depends on each business and what is its focus, also in which area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis you want to apply IA. To do this, an information base must be built on which decisions will be made; the IA application will be responsible for the analysis of the data and to inform us either by demand and / or automatically of recent events that may be of interest. And even suggest actions based on historical data.

For example, imagine that our business is an online hardware store, in which we keep records of our customers and preferences, our IA application can use this information to notify certain customers some offers in spare parts, accessories, or related based on purchases made by these, that is, the application can decide which customers to send the new offer of the bit kit based on whether they have bought bits or drills in the past, and discard those that do not. Another AI application inside our hardware store could indicate an increase in the demand for products related to the use of metals and suggest us to apply new offers in some related products to increase the sales of these.

Advantages of applying IA in our business

  • A better understanding of the behavior and needs of the business.
  • Predict trends and needs, based on historical data.
  • Improve decision making and process automation.
  • Improve and optimize processes.
  • Create a competitive advantage with other similar companies.

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