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Do you want to manage your work and daily tasks in a simple and comfortable way but do not know where to start? Are you looking for apps to manage an online calendar but can’t find one that suits you? You are in the right place! The best way to organize your work has always been to have a good agenda (which are still very useful) where you can write down everything you need to remember at any time. Now, with your mobile, it is also possible to have an online calendar with which to manage all your work in the simplest and most practical way possible (I manage my marketing calendar this way). If you are not nostalgic for paper and pen, and you have to be up to date with events and important appointments (but you tend to forget most of them), know the best applications to manage agenda and calendar online.

Every year there are new objectives and goals to meet. One of the main goals of an entrepreneur to fulfill is to be more organized, plan tasks better and make the most of the days. Therefore, it is important that you know that there was no magic secret that can help you to always arrive on time to meetings, fulfill all daily tasks or achieve the digital marketing objectives you want, but there are online tools, such as agendas or calendars apps.

Managing your business is not an easy task and can be very tiring. Therefore, having the right tools to keep your agenda updated and being able to review it anywhere and at any time is essential. These types of applications can increase your productivity and that of your company, but there are many different options, so choosing the right one can be difficult. Therefore, in this guide I am going to show you a list of the best apps to manage your agenda and calendar online.

Tips to organize your agenda and calendar and be more efficient

If you are here, it is probably because you cannot get to all your tasks, and it is more common than you think. Many times, you think that you have worked for a long period of time, but in the end you have not been productive. Perhaps, the main problem is not the new tasks you have to do to complete your business, but a poorly optimized daily schedule. It is important that you know how to organize yourself, in order to meet the established objectives, therefore, I show you a list of tips to organize your agenda and calendar and be more efficient.

  • Plan based on priorities: Surely many times you spend hours attending to other issues that are not really that important, leaving aside other tasks that are essential for your business. This happens because you do not have what is essential for your project, that is, what will help you achieve your objectives. Therefore, I recommend having a daily, weekly and monthly planning, based on priorities, which will help you focus time on the most important tasks.
  • Be flexible and constantly analyze: It is important that your planning is flexible and is always in continuous review. Evaluate with certain periodicity if your planning adjusts to reality, as well as, checking if it is helping you achieve your goals or not. Concentration is also unpredictable, since the days you have been most focused have been the days of most productivity.
  • Avoid multitasking: When you give your brain the opportunity to focus on a single task, it appreciates it by increasing the quality and speed of performance. Therefore, this should be a basic strategic objective in your daily agenda. From not working on several projects at the same time, such as not having too many windows on the computer open, to not working with email activated continuously.
  • Group tasks: It is very useful to group similar tasks in the same work block that do not require lowering your concentration level to work on a task or even a new job.
  • Do not leave any task half done: When you start with a task, the level of concentration increases little by little, reaching between 15 and 45 minutes after starting the task. If you divide too much, you will be losing a lot of productivity, because you will be continuously in the first process of “starting”. Keep in mind that the concentration level drops after 60-90 minutes after starting.
  • Avoid distractions and prepare for the unforeseen: Interruptions are everything that cuts off your work flow and especially with concentration. Avoid tasks that interrupt you, most are avoidable if you plan well.

Best applications to manage your agenda and calendar online An online agenda or calendar will change your life completely, and it will help you create your online business or simply organize your projects. In the online agendas you can add any meeting or task that you have planned from anywhere and be able to have it at your fingertips and be able to synchronize it on almost all devices. But it is clear that if you are new to this, it will surely be difficult for you to choose an online agenda or calendar. Therefore, I show you a list of the best applications to manage your agenda or calendar online so that you can organize yourself better and be much more productive in your work.