Enrich your reality from the screen of an iPhone or iPad. Now here we discusss about one of the best and well known applications to enjoy the augmented reality of Apple.

While we wait for brain implants or augmented reality eyepieces to go on sale, we can enjoy this technology from our iPhone or iPad thanks to the applications that emerged after the launch of ARKit.

In addition to the great examples we saw earlier, such as the Atlas of Human Anatomy or Ikea Place, the App Store is growing with new apps that use augmented reality to make our day-to-day life a little easier.

Let’s take a look at some of the geniuses that developers of apps for iOS designed to work have fun or see our reality with another look, a technology that will give a lot of talk inside and outside the Apple ecosystem.

Remember that to use compatible applications with ARKit you will need an iPhone or iPad device with iOS 11 installed.


Who did not park and then not remember where we left our vehicle? It can happen to us in a commercial center, in a public parking or in front of our own house.

To solve this problem, PinDrive proposes to take advantage of ARKit technology to, through augmented reality, indicate where we have our car and find it through virtual indications on our iPhone.

The app is free, very easy to configure and will help us find our car parked as if it were a Pokémon.


There are many Twitter clients but few can say that they show messages in the middle of the street while you walk or go to work.

TweetReality will show you your Twitter wall and allow you to interact with the messages in a virtual space.

Apart from the 3D experience, it has the usual functions of Twitter, such as wall, search, mentions, own profile, possibility to write, share or indicate that you liked a comment, blocking or muted topics or users, etc.

LEGO AR Studio

LEGO is an example of the good harmony that can exist between lifelong physical toys and new technologies.

With LEGO AR Studio they combine sets of LEGO games with augmented reality enhancing the gaming experience.

Specifically, we can combine real toys with scenarios and virtual pieces, all on the floor of your house or on a desk.


The augmented reality is ideal to decorate or renovate our house, since we can place virtual elements in a real space.

Houzz is a veteran app to add functional or decorative elements to your home from 3D objects or photographs.

With augmented reality we can take measurements, both distances and angles and know where to put each element without being short or long.

My Measures + AR Measure

And if what you need is simply to take measures of furniture or elements of your home to reform or redecorate, My Measures + AR Measure is a virtual meter that uses augmented reality to indicate the measurements.

My Measures + AR Measure does not measure by us, but it helps us to capture in a real image virtual elements to indicate distances or sizes of doors, furniture, decorative elements, installations …

AR Dragon

Games have a lot to say in augmented reality. An example is AR Dragon, a game that consists in taking care and raising a small dragon in a real environment.

Tamagotchi style, we will have to feed him, play with him and train him. A virtual creature that we will see in our room, on the street or where we point our iPhone or iPad.

Thomas and his friends Minis

Another interesting game is Thomas and his friends Minis, which allows the little ones to play with the Thomas train in virtual stages that we can create in any corner of our home or abroad.

The game allows use with or without augmented reality, has different parts, models and characters and, best of all, it does not occupy physical space, so you will not have the problem of finding pieces thrown at home.