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We all know that a Digital strategy is necessary for the survival of your business, and is part of its Digital Transformation, and the Mobile App plays a fundamental role in this transformation. If you think that it is not time to have an App because you still do not know how to get the most out of it and make it profitable, this article is for you, here we will show you the benefits that an App brings to your business and some App Marketing strategies that will help you strengthen your digital presence

In many countries the mobile phone already surpasses computers as the main Internet access device, a behavior that sooner or later will be general in all countries. So it is essential that your customers are in constant contact with your business through a Mobile App, through this they can receive push notifications of your promotions, income of new products, upcoming events, news, reminders, etc., so an App Mobile occupies a fundamental place in the attraction and customer loyalty.

Now that you understand the importance of a mobile App, let us tell you that it is not enough for your App to be incredible and great, even though users will not be able to download it by themselves, remember that in stores there are thousands and thousands of applications waiting be downloaded, so without a good App Marketing strategy it is likely that the App of your business, however good it may be, will go unnoticed. That’s why we want to share these tips so your next App is a total success and get the ROI you’re waiting for.

“The marketing app is a methodology that seeks, through a mobile application, to give an added value to the end user”


  • Determine what your target audience will be and how you will reach it
  • Create a landing page, use it to explain to your users what your App will consist of, encourage them to leave their information to notify them when the App is ready to download and stay updated
  • Create social networks of expectation, offers promotions in advance to the first to download the App. Strive to maintain the content during the time before the launch.
  • Involve the users in the development, keep them aware of everything, they will be the testers of your App and your first fans and users.
  • Launch a press release a couple of days before its release.
  • Use videos to explain the full scope of the App and its functionalities


  • Use the Social Networks that you created before to continue informing your users
  • Use QR in physical stores and so I directed people to download stores where your App will be
  • Provide discounts or promotions to users of your App
  • Invite Influencers to try the App and share their opinion with their followers
  • Do not release all the features in your first version, better make updates every so often so you always have something new to offer.
  • Valete of an ASO (App Store Optimization) strategy, with the aim of having your App appear in the top positions or search results of the App Store and Play Store stores and thus increase the volume of downloads.
  • I included Email Marketing in your strategy; you can use the database that you obtained in your landing page to announce to your subscribers that the App is ready to download it and through the newsletter include the download link.
  • Constantly analyze the results of your strategies and so you can see what happens in your App to modify or adapt them when necessary, for this you can use in-app analytic tools such as Flurry Analytics, Google Mobile App Analytics, Appsee and Mixpanel .
  • Activate a call To Action every so often on Facebook with the aim of increasing downloads of your App

With these suggestions you ensure that not only do you have a quality Mobile App, but that it fulfills your goals. But without a doubt, the first thing you should do is contact a trusted company and experience that is with you throughout the development process and ensure that both the user interface and the usability of your App enamored your customers and future users