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Listening to music, turning lights on or making purchases are just some of the hundreds of commands that the smart device for the home ‘Amazon Echo’ and its virtual assistant Alexa, which are launched today in Spain, allow you to run with a simple command voice.

The distribution giant has been working since last year on the Spanish version of Alexa that today launches the market and is “trained” to understand the culture and the different accents of the whole Spanish geography, as he explained today in a meeting with media Pedro García Márquez, head of the virtual assistant in Spain.

Amazon Echo’ is a speaker with six microphones and an internet connection that allows access to Alexa, a virtual assistant that operates in the United States since 2014, and that can be synchronized with Amazon services (such as Prime Video or Amazon Music), services of “streaming” like Spotify and smart appliances.

Alexa, inspired by the Star Trek spacecraft, uses “machine learning” technology to learn and her brain operates in the cloud.

To learn the different Spanish accents, the company has distributed thousands of devices to its customers throughout the Spanish geography to use it for months: “Alexa learns and is becoming smarter as you use it,” he said.

In addition to the accents, the virtual assistant has also learned the peculiarities of the use of Spanish in Spain.

“One of the challenges was the word ‘pon’, it seems like a simple verb (time) but it is amazing the amount of situations in which we use it,” he explained.

One of the hundreds of commands that Alexa executes is “Put music” , but you can also ask “Put tomatoes on the shopping list”, which could be understood as “Put a song of tomatoes”, so it was necessary to teach him the different meanings of the verb.

Alexa also has “Spanish culture”, knows the main cities, rivers and mountains, customs and local festivals, and knows hundreds of jokes, in addition to the Spanish proverb, and “as a good Spaniard loves sports”, García Márquez has desgranado.

‘Amazon Echo ‘ is the flagship of Alexa in Spain (it comes out today at 99.99 euros) but the company has also launched three other devices with which you can access this virtual assistant and two accessories (a smart plug and a speaker subwofer).

They are ‘Echo dot’ (59.99 euros), a device in a smaller version, and ‘Echo Plus’ (149.99 euros), which includes a system to integrate and control all smart home devices (“smart home hub”).

Also launched on the market is ‘Echo spot’ (129.99 euros), which has the shape of a table clock and a circular screen , designed to see the time, the weather forecast, make a video call or access the images of the cameras installed in the house.

The devices go out today in presale and will begin to be received starting next October 30th.