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The fact that Facebook is one of the social networks that has opted for this format of photography is not so strange. Oculus Rift is the name of the company with which the social network has come together to create the 360º Facebook photos. We tell you everything here.

You do not need a specific camera.

You may have thought about taking 360º Facebook photos, but you have not dared because your phone has a normal camera. Well that’s why you do not worry; you do not need any special camera. Anyway, in case you want to be the best or the best by posting 360 photos, you should know that there are specific cameras and that Facebook itself advises on a list in an official way .

Of course, you will never be able to use old photographs to turn them into 360º Facebook photos. But calm, that making new photos with this method is really easy.

You just have to use an application to take a panoramic photo. In the event that you do not have one of the phones or cameras listed that you mentioned before.

Be careful! Any panoramic photo is not useful to take 360º Facebook photos. The panoramas only serve to make a sweep and a long photo; On the other hand, a 360º photograph has information about angles. In the case that your mobile does not have this option, do not worry; there are applications that can help you and not just one. Below I explain what they are and what details they have.

How do I make the photo?

Making the 360º photo on Facebook is simple, you just have to press the button on your mobile’s camera in a panoramic option and turn on yourself. Try not to move, the question is to move the camera on you, do not move yourself. Also remember that the brighter and larger the space, the better this photograph will come out. Your room is not the best place to take these pictures.

Upload it to Facebook!

Once you have your panoramic photo and the necessary application to make possible 360º Facebook photos, you just have to upload it to the social network.

Facebook itself is able to detect that the photo is a 360º photograph and will place the symbol of rotation as a watermark of the photo. The way to know if at the time of uploading has given you a fault is to see if you have placed this symbol. If you have not done it, you have simply cataloged the photo as a panoramic photo and you must change the app to turn them into a 360º photo.

Applications for 360º photos on Facebook.

Before continuing to talk about 360º photos on Facebook, I must tell you what types of apps exist. And, as you can see, without a specific app it is impossible to upload this type of photos as long as you do not have mobile phones with the specific software for it.

The 5 apps that work best:

  • Google Street View: This is the application links to Google Maps. This app allows you to create panoramas with this format and does not need to be shared in Google Maps. It is a simple app since the same system is guiding you. It is available for IOS and Android and is one of the most used for this type of photography.
  • Sphere: Also another of the most popular and especially the simplest. It is capable of capturing images with great sharpness and quickly.
  • HD Panorama: If what you are looking for in your 360º photos Facebook is quality and sharpness, you should use HD Panorama. It is only available for Android.
  • Bubbli: If what you want is to transmit what you are living to your audience you need this application. Not only does it offer the possibility of 360º images, it also captures the ambient sound. Perfect to transmit the tranquility of a landscape or to share your experience in a concert.
  • Auto Stitch: Do you remember when I commented to you above that if you had old photos in your gallery it would be impossible to turn them into a 360º product? Well, that is not entirely true thanks to this application. Auto Stitch allows you to combine photographs, including verticals with horizontals, and choose which parts of the photograph you want to rescue. It is a very manual app since you have to edit the whole process; but it is very versatile and also, if your camera does not have the panoramic option, you can allow yourself to upload 360º photos to Facebook.

Details of the photos 360 degrees of Facebook.

I would like to gather, to finish the article, small details about the 360º Facebook photos. This type of moving pictures makes much more sense in mobile devices to a computer, which cannot move with you; while a mobile device is able to detect your movement, if you turn it, if you tilt it …

Uploading these types of photos is possible from a computer; but seeing the process that must be done would be a more complex and less dynamic work. Except in the case that you use a specific camera, it is very complex to use photographs of your SLR camera to take 360º photos.

Changes in Facebook are becoming more innovative every day and I’m sure they will improve this type of photos so as not to depend on external applications. Despite this, the 360º photos on Facebook are a good alternative to transport your audience to the place where you are. The 360º photos have the best of a video and the best of a photograph. You can show much more space through an image than with photos and you can transmit with much more detail than a video; as much for the clarity that a photograph provides as for the control that the final user has when it comes to seeing this type of images.

And you, have you already tried the 360º Facebook photos? Do you think they can be useful for your company’s social media strategy? Tell us about your experience!